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12 Things that can compromise the harmony and comfort of the bathroom

Of course, going to the bathroom is one of the first things everyone does in the morning. And, of course, this is one of the most used rooms in the house. However, there are several types of objects, decorations and accessories that can directly influence the functionality and comfort of the toilet, and it is precisely these that sometimes make many people not in a hurry to finish the bath and others simply get out of there as soon as possible. possible.

we, from awesome.club, we believe that the bathroom represents a home as much as the front door. With that in mind, we have organized a list of 12 things that can harm the harmony in the bathroom and, consequently, its functionality and organization. Check out!

Chrome steel corner shelf

Due to their affordable price, corner shelves like the one shown above can be found in many bathrooms. But because of the high humidity that is characteristic of this room, rust crusts quickly form, as the chrome coating wears out over time and the steel eventually rusts. So, it is better to opt for glass, stainless steel or brass shelves. They will look better and add elegance to the toilet.

Multipurpose sponge instead of a soap dish

Let’s face it, it doesn’t look very presentable and it certainly takes some of the functionality out of the hand washing process. The soap ends up getting wet, with a soft consistency and may even loosen some pieces; and the sponge can become so soaked in soapy water that it looks like a slimy substance. For emergencies, the loofah can certainly be a practical solution, but for constant use it is better to use a quality and more elegant accessory, such as the soap dish.

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Lots of shelves and other open surfaces

In the bathroom, there are usually a lot of things and little space. And even with a limited area, we try to store as many objects and cosmetics as possible, occupying all available surfaces. However, the accumulation of packaging and all kinds of beauty products ends up generating visual pollution and a feeling of disorder. If possible, the best option is to think of a practical and systematic way to store everything in the toilet. For example, you can keep a few things in the closets, check the general organization often, and get rid of everything you don’t need.

Bathrobes hanging on the door

The bathroom is a place of high humidity, so keeping bathrobes at the door may not be a good option, as they will get damp and become an ideal environment for the proliferation of bacteria, emitting an unpleasant odor. Bathrobes (as well as clean towels) should be stored in another room in the house.

Spare toilet papers stored in the original packaging

Opened or torn packages of toilet paper placed in a conspicuous place will certainly not bring any shine to the bathroom. If you don’t have a specific space to store the rolls, it’s better to take them out of the packaging and store them in a basket, on a shelf or even in special supports or organizers. This will certainly add a nice, non-trivial touch to the look of the room.

Cloths hanging on the towel rack or in buckets

Large gas water heater on the wall

Having a large gas water heater on the wall is certainly not going to make the bathroom more comfortable. The device is undoubtedly necessary, but it definitely needs a camouflage. It not only takes up a lot of space and can end up limiting movement, but it gives the impression that the environment is more of a technical room than a toilet itself. Therefore, you can camouflage the water heater, among other ways, using niches on the wall or placing it inside a closet.

Liquid soap in original packaging

Having too many colored packages on the bathroom sink can cause visual pollution. That’s why we recommend pouring liquid hygiene products into special containers that fit the design of your room. Another option is automatic soap dishes, as they do not leave stains, are economical and look good in the environment.

Bath sponges hanging from the shower head

Here the best option is to reserve a separate place next to the shower or bathtub for bath sponges or any other accessories. For example, you can hang them on hooks on the wall or store them in a plastic container and store them on a shelf.

creative decorations

Adding a creative touch to your bathroom decor or design can be a risky step. There is always the possibility that the ornament will end up clashing with the general concept and not look very good. Decorative stickers, pictures, posters, artificial flowers — all these decor items will just make the room look sloppy.

And if you still want to add a special touch to the interior, try replacing unattractive items with more flashy and less trivial ones, or even add more vivid details like mosaics or colorful tiles.

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Plush microfiber mats

Fuzzy microfiber mats collect dirt, hair and static electricity. In addition, they do not tolerate high temperatures, so they should not be placed to dry in a thermal towel rack or placed on a warm floor. Over time, the fabric wears out, stops absorbing moisture, and generally becomes ragged.

Cup for storing toothbrushes

Surely, everyone has noticed black spots on the handle of a toothbrush at some point in their lives. This is actually mold, which forms due to moisture and mucus that accumulate at the bottom of the cup. Therefore, the container must be constantly washed and disinfected, as well as the stains it leaves in the sink. In addition, it is not recommended to keep the toothbrushes of all family members in the same cup: when they come into contact, bacteria can migrate from one toothbrush to another.

What is the first thing you pay attention to when you enter the bathroom? In your opinion, what can spoil the comfort of this room? Tell us in the comments section.

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