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117 BEAUTIFUL and short phrases for status. Inspire your friends and followers!


Beautiful and short phrases for status: These beautiful phrases about love and life are a way to reflectively approach the themes of great thinkers and cultural references from around the world.

beautiful phrases for status

It is always very edifying to reflect on the phrases and ideas of great historical figures. Below you can see a number of beautiful thoughts and beautiful sentences about different areas of life.

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  1. Life begins every five minutes (Andreu Buenafuente)

One of the most memorable quotes from this Catalan comedian.

  1. Immature love says, “I love you because I need you.” Mature love says, “I need you because I love you” (Erich Fromm)

Erich Fromm’s vision of different types of love.

  1. What one can become, must be (Abraham Maslow)

The creator of the most famous hierarchy of human needs reflects his humanistic philosophy in this sentence.

  1. The power of imagination makes us infinite (John Muir)

One of the beautiful phrases that refer to imagination and creativity.

  1. Let’s face it, let’s ask for the impossible! (Ernest Che Guevara)

A cry that has practically become a slogan for progressive movements.

  1. Freedom dies if not used (Hunter S. Thompson)

A reflection on freedom and its properties.

  1. Where words fail, music speaks (Hans Christian Andersen)

Music is defined through this curious comparison.

  1. You can’t find peace by avoiding life (Virginia Woolf)

Among the elements of life are things that can disturb the peace.

  1. Life is like jazz… best improvised (George Gershwin)

One of the beautiful life quotes that can also be used to better understand certain art forms.

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  1. Everything you can imagine is real (Pablo Picasso)

Picasso, talking about the limits of creativity.

  1. Knowledge is an antidote to fear (Gerd Gigerenzer)

This psychologist talks about knowledge as something that affects the way we act.

  1. Love is a smoke made from the vapors of sighs (Shakespeare)

One of Shakespeare’s most famous beautiful lines.

  1. A good traveler has no plans (Confucius)

The Eastern philosopher Confucius talks about his way of understanding travel.

  1. What I can’t create, I don’t understand (Richard Feynman)

This physics referent he uses shows his analytical and scientific mindset in this sentence.

  1. Miracles are born of difficulties (Jean de la Bruyère)

A poetic phrase that, at the same time, is motivating.

  1. Love is a better teacher than duty (Albert Einstein)
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One of Einstein’s most famous quotes about love.

  1. Life is the flower of which love is the honey (Victor Hugo)

An example of the poetic and beautiful phrases that Victor Hugo could conceive.

  1. Look back and smile at the perils of the past (Walter Scott)

A beautiful and motivating phrase in equal measure.

  1. We live in a rainbow of chaos (Paul Cezanne)

A poetic way of seeing how anarchic there is in our lives.

  1. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye (H. Jackson Brown Jr.)

A reflection on human intuition.

Beautiful and reflective phrases for status

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  1. We become what we think (Earl Nightingale)

Our thoughts have a crucial influence on what we will become in the future.

  1. Where there is love, there is life (Mahatma Gandhi)

A very beautiful phrase from the Hindu leader Mahatma Gandhi.

  1. Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them (Albert Einstein)

Accepting our limitations can be the starting point for a fuller life.

  1. Listen from time to time; It’s Fascinating What You Can Hear (Russell Baker)

Many people don’t listen, they just listen. When we stop to listen, everything changes.

  1. Where there is no struggle, there is no strength (Oprah Winfrey)

The popular African-American presenter has this clear. Struggle is the engine of societies.

  1. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger (Friedrich Nietzsche)

The German philosopher, in a highly commented quote.

  1. Pleasure is often harmed by the mere fact of describing it (Stendhal)

Sometimes experience is the only thing that matters.

  1. Love is composed of a soul that inhabits two bodies (Aristotle)

A phrase about love that reminds us of the most powerful feeling we can experience.

  1. The more we do, the more we can do (William Hazlitt)

Efforts are summative and help them to bear fruit.

  1. Time spent in the company of cats is never a waste of time (Sigmund Freud)

A tender phrase that shows the love that Sigmund Freud gave to little cats.

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  1. A friend is someone you dare to be yourself with (Frank Crane)

In daily life we ​​usually wear masks, but with friends we are emotionally naked.

  1. Motivation is what keeps you going, habit is what keeps you going (Jim Ryun)

The importance of habits to continue.

  1. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

Another reflection we all heard at the time.

Beautiful phrases to share

  1. All people talk about the mind without hesitation, but get confused when asked to define it (BF Skinner)
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Behaviorist BF Skinner, on the intangibles of the human mind.

Poets have always lived longer than anyone else.

  1. Without deviating from the norm, progress is not possible (Frank Zappa)The musician Zappa believed that subversion was the only way to social progress.
  2. Wherever I go, I find that a poet was there before me (Sigmund Freud)
  1. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground (Theodore Roosevelt)

A magnificent phrase that came from the creative genius that was Roosevelt.

  1. Music is love in search of words (Lawrence Durrell)

A sentence about music and its relationship with falling in love.

  1. It always seems impossible until it’s done (Nelson Mandela)

The mythical South African activist reflects on the possible and the impossible.

  1. The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the ordinary (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

A beautiful phrase by the great Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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  1. Storms make trees take deeper roots (Dolly Parton)

After the bad weather, we left emotionally strengthened.

  1. Don’t look at the clock, do what it does: move on (Sam Levenson)

Never stop. A beautiful phrase that allows us to move forward despite everything.

  1. Life is very simple, but we make a point of complicating it (Confucius)

A famous and well-remembered phrase that reminds us that, deep down, life is simpler than we sometimes think.

  1. Don’t count the days, make the days count (Muhammad Ali)

A paradoxical phrase from the best boxer of all time.

  1. When nothing is certain, everything is possible (Margaret Drabble)

Uncertainty is the gasoline with which we can dream of a better future.

  1. True strength is delicate (Louise Berliawsky Nevelson)

Of course, brute force usually doesn’t go very far.

  1. The person who never made a mistake never did anything new (Albert Einstein)

Making mistakes is not only human, but also inevitable if we are to succeed.

  1. Fall in love with your existence (Jack Kerouac)

Only if you have a positive feeling towards your existence can you aspire to be happy.

  1. The purpose of education is to transform an empty mind into an open mind (Malcolm S. Forbes)

In this sentence there is a valuable reflection on the role of education as something far from being a machine to force to memorize.

  1. Music is an echo of the invisible world (Giuseppe Mazzini)

One of the most beautiful and inspiring phrases in music.

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  1. Nothing is as sweet as melancholy (Francis Beaumont)
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An elegant way to see that feeling.

  1. Can you imagine what I would do if I could do everything I can? (Sun Tzu)

The Chinese thinker, author of the famous The Art of War, talks about human potential here.

  1. The only person you are meant to be is whoever you choose to be (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

One of the beautiful and motivating phrases at the same time.

Wise and inspiring beautiful phrases

  1. There is no instinct like the heart (Lord Byron)

Lord Byron talking about the most passionate part of human beings.

  1. Be yourself, the other positions are already filled (Oscar Wilde)

Oscar Wilde, as always, offering wisdom and irony in equal measure.

  1. Creativity is intelligence having fun (Albert Einstein)

There are some more original definitions of this concept.

  1. Pretend that every day is a lifetime (Seneca)

One of the oldest Western philosophers shows here a way to make the most of life.

  1. Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings (Salvador Dalí)

One of the most poetic phrases of this Spanish painter.

  1. The purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows (Sydney Harris)

It’s not about getting kids to think exactly the same way, but about honing their skills and creativity.

  1. I talk to myself because I’m the only one whose answers I accept (George Carlin)

A lesson in self-confidence or perhaps arrogance.

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  1. Love comes invisible, we only see it when it’s gone (Henry Austin Dobson)

We only realize that this person is worth it when he decides to leave our life.

  1. The characteristic of beautiful people is that they always see beauty in others (Omar Suleiman)

Beauty is transmitted by the look, by the way of recognizing the beauty in the look of the beholder.

  1. Think of all the beauty around you and be happy (Anne Frank)

A phrase that invites us to celebrate life without thinking too much about anything in particular.

  1. The occasion must be created (Francis Bacon)

Chances won’t come knocking on your door. Go out and look for your possibilities.

  1. To be brave is to be free (Seneca)

Greek philosophy left us precious reflections, like this one by Seneca.

  1. If you can dream it, you can dream it (Walt Disney)

Don’t set limits, no great historical person sets them.

  1. Romance is stormy, love is calm (Mason Cooley)

A good way to differentiate love from passion.

  1. You’re never too old to set a new goal (CS Lewis)

Each day gives us a new opportunity to do something beneficial.

  1. Only life lived for others is worth living (Albert Einstein)

Altruism as an engine of…

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