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11 common photos that have been modified and given a new meaning

The Internet is full of pictures that say nothing. But there are artists who have a lot of imagination and, by adding a little bit of detail, they can change what is happening in some images, and then they take on a completely different meaning. For example, they can draw two eyes on the glue of a cat, turning it into a friendly mammoth. Or replace the motorcycle under the driver with a cheetah, and a new sport will be born.

O awesome.club selected 11 fun photos, in which the story was changed with few details.

1. The cat is now a mammoth!

2. Do you also recognize this movie?

3. Whoever played it at least once will understand

4. Put Spider-Man on a web and you have a movie

5. The building transforms… into an elegant dress

6. The caretaker cat of Shaolin Monks

7. Fog covered downtown Minneapolis

8. Cheetah Race

9. “Who wants to tap dance?”

10. Dragons can not only breathe fire

11. Run a pen through all the seams of your sneakers, and they will look drawn.

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