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10 ways to make more friends in adulthood

Sometimes we are faced with a nostalgia for the school days when we were surrounded by friends and with less worries in the backpack of life. We look back and smile nostalgically for those special friendships.

Other times we are faced with the present and realize that life passes and if we don’t take care of it, it slips through our fingers. That the rush of everyday life can deprive us of making those childhood friendships, made of love, lightness and lots of laughter, a reality to be lived in every day of our lives.

It turns out that just realizing all this is not enough to end the longing for past friendships, nor to change your present reality. Want to know what can change all that? You!

Here are some tips for you to change your daily attitudes and then be able to bring people closer to you and start building possible new and long friendships.

1. Get to know yourself

Getting to know yourself can yield interesting discoveries, facilitate your relationship with yourself and, consequently, with the people you relate to or intend to relate to.

So, before thinking about how to improve your relationship with others, you need to reflect on yourself, because when we know what is good for us, we know our reactions and quirks and we can thus feel confident and open to show who we are to someone. new.

2. Be yourself

Still in the same sense, it’s important to be yourself. Therefore, after reflecting and becoming aware of who you are and how you act in front of the world, you need to put this into practice. When we express who we really are, we first organize our interior and then the connection with the other becomes more sincere and stronger.

3. Look around you

Friendship is an exchange relationship. In this sense, when you want to make new friends, you need to put yourself in a receptive state and start to perceive the people around you. And more than that, take initiative, show interest, break the barrier of distance.

Just the attitude of being open to making new friends can bring new people together and bring the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds.

4. Frequent places with your face

Again knowing yourself is important, after all knowing what you like can help you when making a new friendship. Going to places that interest you makes it possible to meet people with likes and dislikes similar to yours and the chance to meet someone you identify with is greater.

5. Be sure to discover new places

If you already know yourself, frequent places that align with your interests and haven’t met potential friends yet, it may be time to expand your receptive side and invest in new air.

Getting to know new places is an opportunity to meet different people and be surprised, both with the place and with the public that frequents it.

6. Do more of what you love

When we do something that pleases us and makes us happy, it is common to express ourselves better, which helps to create a more receptive state to meet new people.

In addition, we meet people with similar interests and the first contact is facilitated by the common ground between the parties.

7. Smile more

A smile can open doors and is also closely linked to the idea of ​​being open. Smiling people seem more friendly and interesting. The smile is also related to positivity, as your posture influences your physiological and emotional state.

So don’t skimp on smiles, they can make you happier, confident and receptive to making new friends.

8. Strive to create a connection

In this topic, the central idea goes beyond keeping it open to new experiences, because, in addition to a receptive state, a friendship requires connection, exchange, reciprocity. With that in mind, making an effort to bring up topics, share stories and also show interest in listening, this can be the first step towards the emergence of a friendship.

The point is not to create an automatic connection with someone, but to advance to the point of noticing the people around you and start to approach. As friendship is exchange, those involved must make an effort so that the connection begins to be built and continues to grow throughout the relationship between friends.

9. Be sincere and authentic

Trust is stamped on relationships and to build a trusting relationship sincerity is essential. In addition to being yourself, thus being honest about who you are, you need to be honest about the events of friendship (attitudes, opinions and feelings).

Authenticity can add a “magic touch” to the relationship, after all, having things you only do with a friend in particular makes your relationship unique and strong.

10. Show that you care

Finally, after meeting new people and making the effort to create a connection, you need to keep working on reciprocity. To do this, show that you care about the person in question, be available and present, know how to listen and also include the person in your life.

In short, a friendship depends on the dedication of both parties and therefore you must know each other, in order to transmit your identity to others, and also be willing to receive what someone else would like to share with you.

In addition to the suggestions for making new friends, an important point is also to remember the “old ones”. Maybe a reunion is just what you need to rekindle a remarkable friendship from the past or reconnect someone who has recently estranged.

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