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10 tips for not giving up on the gym –

Now it’s for real: no setting the alarm clock to snooze, leaving it for the next day or blaming the lack of time. Check out the psychologist’s amazing tricks sportCarla Di Piero, from São Paulo, for you to stop paying the academy without going to train:

1. Find the exercise that suits you


Choose an activity that you like, that you have an affinity for and that, above all, you feel pleasure in practicing. It helps to persist exercise and get the results you want.

2. Start with the basics


On the first day at the gym, start with the simplest exercises and increase the difficulty only when you realize that you have entered your comfort zone.

3. Put exercise on your schedule


Choose fixed days and times to exercise. A physical activity you need a certain amount of time (and space!) in your schedule. Take this moment to take care of yourself.

4. Set a weekly goal


Set the frequency of classes or workouts as a weekly goal. And, according to your performance, try to reward yourself for fulfilling that goal, preferably by doing something pleasurable for you.

5. Register your evolution


Review your performance: on days when you practice some activity, write down a note from 0 to 10 in a notebook or on your cell phone – where 0 is synonymous with no effort and 10 with the maximum effort possible. From there, build a picture of your evolution. This will help you to notice even the smallest changes.

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6. Define your goals


Before starting to to train, set two goals: one medium and one long term. Then describe what you need to do to achieve each of them and what the reward will be for achieving them. That way, you can keep motivation high and not lose focus!

7. Put fun into the activity


Inviting friends to train with you, listening to your favorite music, or working out with interesting people can be a fun way to exercise. Besides, of course, making time pass faster.

8. Environment is everything!


Choose a nice place where you feel comfortable to train. If your ~friends~ are together, then it’s a great idea to be even more motivated.

9. Find a teacher who inspires you


The professional of physical education it is the fundamental piece to guarantee your commitment. In addition to supervising the training, he needs to be someone you trust and find pleasant company.

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10. Share your goals


If you count your goals for those who root for your success, you will have support in moments of laziness. This is a great source of motivation to refocus.

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