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10 rules for a lasting marriage

Although the number of divorces recorded by the Census increased from 1.7% in 2000 to 3.1% in 2010 and the number of official marriages decreased from 49.4% to 42.9% in this ten-year period, There are those who believe in “till death do us part”.

Marriage is a very important step that, by its almost irrevocable nature, must be very well thought out before being consummated. If you have already decided on “yes”, check out our tips to make it last for many years, as you always dreamed of.

1 – Don’t stop working

You may have married the heir to a great fortune or a salaryman, it doesn’t matter. Don’t leave your profession to live only your marriage. Working is not only essential for those who want to make money, but also for maintaining individuality. It is important that you have your money to manage as you see fit.

2 – Spend time together

Ideally, the couple should set aside some time at least once a month to just enjoy each other’s company. It could be a short weekend trip or dinner at that special restaurant. The important thing is that both can relax and talk about topics that don’t involve finances or children, for example.

3 – Don’t depend on each other

This applies to all areas of married life. One cannot depend on the other emotionally, financially or even physically. Couples whose relationships work are together simply because life is better that way. Dependence, on any level, can seriously damage the relationship.

5 – Try to plan

Whether it’s about purchasing a property, a car or even the decision to have children, it’s essential that the couple is in full agreement and aware of the consequences. Although the element of surprise (in the case of a child, especially) can be a stimulus for change, it is always better for both parties to talk and make decisions together.

6 – Keep friendships

As time goes on, the trend is for the number of friends to decrease. Even so, try to keep some so that their lives are not limited to what happens at home. Friends are great for venting and asking for advice when the relationship is going through some difficulties, and yes, all relationships do.

7 – The dialogue cannot stop

Even if you have already talked about all the subjects in the world, don’t stop sharing opinions and exchanging ideas. Couples who talk constantly tend to quarrel less.

8 – Don’t want to control the other

Your husband is with you, with rare exceptions, because he chose to be. That means you don’t need to know every step he takes when he’s away. No calling, asking where he is, who he’s with, what time he’s back. Unless he gives you real reasons, try to control your jealousy.

9 – Be a companion

Maybe you can’t stand football, but every now and then it doesn’t hurt to keep your love company on the couch while he watches a match. You don’t need to understand the rules or even cheer, the simple fact that you’re sharing a passion for him already shows that you care. The same goes for the weekend beer and the other shows he invites you to, but you never accept.

10 – Invest in your sex life

Sex is an important component to the quality of the relationship. Without being vulgar or invasive, try to ask your partner’s preferences and reveal yours. Talking about the topic can help to develop intimacy between you. The feeling they have for each other is also a decisive factor in this regard, so try not to leave romanticism aside.

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