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You easily win me in your smallest details


I was never very cliché

always in the ideal measure

I will explain for you to understand

I was never one to smile randomly

I didn’t even laugh until I felt sick

I never surrendered to a recent passion

Did I or did I not have any sense at all?

until you appeared

And messed everything up in my mind

Before, I only thought about books

Today, I think of books and people

The person I was before would laugh at me

Thinking of the stars and the moon…

How did I get so different?

What can I say is that it’s your fault

Okay, we can accuse your smile

Because it was the first detail that moved me

Okay, we can accuse your little eyes


That hypnotized mine without any warning

Okay, we can accuse your way

The same one that played with my senses

And now everything in my being is lost

On the one hand, I know well that I should have run away

I just don’t know if I should go alone or with you

When we touch, I feel so alive

As if every cell is asleep

And at your touch, eagerly awaken

Would you be surprised if I explained to you

If your soul talked to mine

would you finally understand

That my feelings are poetry

Written only for those who would truly read it:


Sorry about that, I was never very cliché

Gabrielle Mayara

Inspiration: Bruno Ricardo


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