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Wrist tattoos: 60 inspirations for you to make yours

In the world of tattooing, possibility is the rule, after all, there are countless possible combinations of locations and designs.

The decision to get a tattoo involves several factors that go beyond choosing what will be tattooed. Size, location, stroke style, and pain level are all issues to consider.

For those who are looking for delicacy or discretion and do not like the idea of ​​feeling pain, a tattoo on the wrist can be a good choice, after all it is a place that usually generates a slight pain, in addition to being a small space and not having too many drawings. large and complex.

If this is your case or if you had already decided that the tattoo of your dreams would be done on your wrist, check out several ideas and inspirations for wrist tattoos.

Wrist tattoo ideas to inspire

The wrist tattoo, as already mentioned, is characterized by its reduced size and, consequently, delicacy. Among the main types of tattoo in this place we have the writings, the symbol and the drawings.

See inspirational tips and images from each of these categories and gather ideas for yours:


Words or small phrases on the wrist look great tattooed on the wrist, as well as important dates or milestones, represented with letters or numbers.

An important detail is to choose the font to be used, as this will dictate the tone of your tattoo. Get inspired by some photos:


Symbols in general look good in a smaller dimension and always carry with them a deep meaning for the tattoo owner.

The possibilities are many: symbols that represent feelings – of infinity, love, balance, peace – or something of your personality, such as the symbolism of the signs or hobbies, such as music.


The options are even greater. In this category are more elaborate and even larger tattoos, such as those that involve the entire wrist or extend to the forearm, without forgetting the most characteristic tattoos of this region.

When making yours, you need to choose the type of stroke you want, as this can determine the entire style of your tattoo. See some inspirations:

It is necessary to emphasize the personal character that a tattoo carries and, therefore, the essential thing is that your tattoo suits you, whether large, small, elaborate or minimalist, on the wrist or anywhere else!

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