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Women’s tomboy hair: discover what it looks like and get inspired by 15 ideas

Do you want to undergo a radical transformation and are looking for ideas? How about getting to know the female tomboy hair? Modern cuts go far from sameness and allow for “messy” and stylish hairstyles. We have prepared a guide on the subject, with 15 photos to serve as inspiration!

What is tomboy hair?

First, you need to understand what tomboy style is. It’s about bringing references to men’s pieces into the women’s wardrobe. Anyone who thinks this is a current proposal is mistaken. Around 1920, designer Coco Chanel began to include clothing restricted to men in her looks, such as tailored shirts and trousers.

When it comes to hair, it presupposes attitude and follows the proposal of androgyny. Therefore, it does not suit those who seek discretion and/or prefer to display a classic look. The short is the big star and appears full of details, including volumes, asymmetry and peaks. But there is also room for medium and long cuts, often with side shaves.

Women’s tomboy hair care

The first detail is to look for a good professional to change your look. Talk to friends, read comments on social media… This reduces the chances of “scares” and regrets.

Select photos with the looks you like most to serve as a reference. But be careful with expectations! It never looks the same, because each person has a different hair structure.

If you are going to invest in straightening, bleaching and coloring, take extra care. It is essential to invest in reinforced weekly hydration, with a hair mask, coconut oil, aloe vera, vitamin ampoules… Avoid hot baths, as well as excessive hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons. Invest in specific products for your hair type (shampoo, conditioner, mask and finisher) and don’t rub the towel when removing excess water.

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After the change, maintenance can be carried out by cutting the ends every three months. But, if you always want it to be very short, pay attention to the rate of hair growth. It is often necessary to touch up a month to maintain alignment.

Always remember that beauty comes from the inside out. This means that a balanced diet can interfere with the hair, as well as water intake. Avoid harmful habits such as smoking and excess alcohol. If you notice hair loss, breakage or any change, don’t hesitate to see a dermatologist, who will investigate the cause and provide the best treatment for each case.

Straight female tomboy hair

Let’s start the list of options with cuts for straight hair. Shaved, chopped, shredded, asymmetry and quiff are some of the main bets. Notice the details in the images below:

(Photo: @co.mary02/Instagram/Reproduction)

Scraping with a machine is a recurring bet for female tomboy hair.

(Photo: @bmo7139/Instagram/Reproduction)

The frayed edges give the short style a modern style and movement.

(Photo: @tomboymodel/Instagram/Reproduction)

Volume on top, styled into a gelled pompadour, along with a shaved side and back.

(Photo: @brigacalderon12/Instagram/Reproduction)

Another popular cut is the pixie, with a neat nape and volume at the top.

(Photo: @kinclaa/Instagram/Reproduction)

The messy style gives a cool look. To reproduce it, apply finishing product to the palm of your hands and make disorderly movements through the hair.

(Photo: @i_you_mee/Instagram/Reproduction)

The quiff is a good choice for those looking to lengthen their face.

(Photo: @butch.guy/Instagram/Reproduction)

Here’s proof that long strands are also welcome in women’s tomboy hair. The sidecut (in free translation, “side cut”) is very modern and does not go unnoticed due to the evident asymmetry. This is a side shave, which presupposes attitude and follows the proposal of androgyny.

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Women’s wavy tomboy hair

The time has come to show some proposals for those with wavy hair, which tends to be more “handy” than straight hair, that is, easier to style and maintain the hairstyle. Check it out:

(Photo: @tomboymodel/Instagram/Reproduction)

The pixie gains movement in wavy hair.

(Photo: @tomboys_india/Instagram/Reproduction)

Gel, pomade and other finishers can create more elaborate hairstyles.

(Photo: @tomboy_crew/Instagram/Reproduction)

The “messy” air is very characteristic of female tomboy hair.

(Photo: @missesblurry/Instagram/Reproduction)

Do you want to be bold with your look? How about opting for yarns with flashy colors? Green, blue, purple valley…

Curly female tomboy hair

If you’re part of the curly team, it’s your turn! The idea is to enhance the shape of the hair, with definition, volume and movement.

(Photo: @koshevaya_elena_/Instagram/Reproduction)

Owners of curly hair cannot neglect hydration and finishing techniques, which help to make the result more beautiful and healthier.

(Photo: @ohannajpg/Instagram/Reproduction)

Short with light bangs.

Curly female tomboy hair

Let’s finish our list of ideas with curly hair. Its natural characteristics enhance cuts, with volume, movement and beauty!

(Photo: @tomboy_lifestyle_/INstagram/Reproduction)

Shoulder-length cut follows the proposal of female tomboy hair.

(Photo: @keke_tmby/Instagram/Reproduction)

Smooth sides and back, with volume at the top.

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