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Fennel tea can help with digestion and relieve cramps

Have you already taken fennel tea? It is a medicinal plant, also known as fennel, Florence fennel, Florence fennel and sweet fennel. It can help with digestion, lead to relaxation and relieve cramps and menopausal symptoms. But it is important to emphasize that treatment and complementary therapy must be suggested by a doctor, who has access to individual patient details.

What is fennel tea good for?

The delicacy is known for a series of health benefits. One of them is to be a source of important nutrients for the functioning of the body, such as fiber, iron, calcium, zinc, copper, vitamin A, some of the B complex and vitamin C.

It is also closely linked to the digestive system. “It has two substances, anethole and fenchone, which make her tea help gastrointestinal disorders. So, if you have slower digestion, stomach problems, introduce anise in your daily life can help you”, said nutritionist Patricia Leite on her YouTube channel.

The drink can also relieve menstrual cramps and in babies over 6 months of age. “It is an antispasmodic and acts directly to reduce colic, that feeling of pain and discomfort it causes. There was a 2003 study that followed the babies to whom it was offered fennel tea and discovered that it managed to reduce colic, pain, bad mood and discomfort in 65% of cases. This is very cool and interesting, as long as we remember that, up to six months, the baby should only consume breast milk, if the mother is able to breastfeed”, warned the specialist.

In the field of female health, in addition to the benefit for the period of menstruation, it can help reduce menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes. There is also a fight against fluid retention.

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“It is also used as a home remedy to treat respiratory symptoms, such as in cases of bronchitis and chronic cough. O fennel tea it can help to further fluidify mucus and secretion and help expectorate, improving the respiratory system as a whole”, commented Patricia.

Another positive point for the delicacy: it combats bad breath. “The problem is sometimes related to bacteria present in the mouth, but also other times to poor digestion. Then the fennel tea It acts in both ways, because it manages to improve intestinal transit, improve the passage of food from the stomach to the intestine, and will improve the digestive system as a whole. If you use cooled fresh tea as a mouthwash, you get the benefit of the freshness of the fennel to improve your breath”, taught the nutritionist.

Possible benefits of fennel tea:

Helps to relax Source of important nutrients for the functioning of the body Improves digestion. Reduces intestinal gas Reduces colic in babies (over 6 months of age) and menstrual cramps Relieves menopausal symptoms Relieves respiratory problems Improves breath Combats fluid retention

Does fennel tea help you lose weight?

The drink can help combat fluid retention and, therefore, bring results on the scale. “As it has diuretic properties, it also helps to excrete sodium, excess fluid, and toxins, keeping you with less fluid retention, less swelling, which helps you improve your measurements and also lose weight”, informed nutritionist Patricia Leite.

How to make fennel tea?

You will need:

1 tablespoon of fennel 1/2 liter of water

Method of preparation

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Boil the water, turn off the heat and add the delicacy. Simmer for 15 minutes and strain. You can drink it hot or leave it in the fridge to consume throughout the day. Don’t sugarcoat it.

Fennel detox tea


1/2 liter of water 1 tablespoon of fennel peel of 1/2 orange 3 slices of ginger

Method of preparation

Bring the water to a boil along with the ginger. When the water boils, turn off the heat and add the other ingredients. Cover and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. You can drink it hot or leave it in the fridge to consume throughout the day.

Source: nutritionist Patricia Leite

Digestive tea with fennel, ginger and onion peel

“It’s great for those times when we eat something that doesn’t go well. We don’t always need to resort to medicine, this tea is natural and has the function of helping with digestion! Plus, they’re ingredients you probably have in your home. The tea doesn’t taste like onion! This is also a great way to make full use of food, avoiding waste”, reported Bela Gil’s YouTube channel.


filtered water peel of two onions 1 ginger 1 tablespoon of fennel

Method of preparation

Put the water on the fire. Add five thin slivers of ginger, the onion skin and the fennel. When it boils, turn off the heat and cover, leaving it to infuse for five to 10 minutes.

What are the side effects of fennel tea?

Experts warn against excessive consumption of drinks with phytochemical properties, such as fennel tea. This can lead to irritation and allergic reactions. If you have a history of allergy or intolerance to the plant, avoid ingesting it. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children must consult a doctor before including the drink in their daily lives.

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When is the best time to drink fennel tea?

Those looking for help with digestion can invest in the delicacy after meals. But wait about an hour, as some studies indicate that tea can inhibit the absorption of some nutrients. Another good option is at night, as a relaxation ritual and preparation for sleep.

Can you take it every day?

You can, but for a short period of time. “Vary the teas as excess plants also generate toxicity. The same plant should never be used more than three times a day, nor for more than 15 days”, taught nutritionist Andreia Torres on her website.

Learn how to grow fennel at home

How about making an organic tea with the herb produced in your own home? “It can be grown in various regions, but the best conditions are found in regions with a mild to moderately hot climate,” reported the YouTube channel Mundo Verde Horta Orgânica. Watch the video to learn step by step:

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