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When does a man repeat with the same woman?

When you have a first date you never know how it will turn out or if you will have a second date later. There are women who place high expectations on this first meeting. Others prefer not to get their hopes up and see what happens.

All of a sudden you get that message the next day from the guy you were with, saying he had a great time and would love to see you again, then you know things are going well. When a man repeats himself with the same woman, something special is happening, otherwise why would he bother?

But not only a guy may want to repeat for a date, this can also happen in sexual relations or when he wants to get back with an ex. Next, we will talk about the different variants.

In what situations can a man want to repeat with the same woman?

Depending on at what point in the relationship you meet a man, that he wants to repeat with the same girl can have different meanings.

Some may be deeper and more committed than others, who only seek personal or momentary satisfaction.

This is why it is important that you know how to distinguish them, to understand what situation you are in and what you can expect from it. Every girl should protect her heart.

At the beginning of a relationship

When a guy wants a second date it’s because he’s interested. Of course, this interest can have different reasons, like he likes you and wants to get to know you more, or he simply wants to see if he can get you to go to bed with him.

On the other hand, if a boy does not want to repeat with you, then he is not interested in advancing in any kind of bond with you. In this case, the best thing for you is to move on, unless you really like this man and you feel that the first date you went on did not show what you really can have.

You can then suggest a second meeting, telling him that you think that the place where you want to meet may interest him a lot. It can be a beautiful restaurant, or if you have been able to meet him on your first date, you can use some affinity for that second meeting, such as going to the cinema to see a movie that you know he might like.

You can also tell him directly that you feel like you couldn’t talk enough to get to know each other a bit more and really see that it can be fun to share more things together.

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when they are lovers

They have known each other for some time, because they have had several encounters in the room. The sexual relations they are having are very satisfying and that is why he wants to repeat it again with you.

Of course, this can be merely physical and you must understand that at some point it can end. Analyze if you agree with this and if your heart is not wanting to go further. Otherwise, you can get hurt and it is better to put an end to your situation.

But if you’re enjoying it and you’re at peace with it, go ahead! It is also valid to share this type of experience with a man for a certain time and then continue in search of other experiences.

Another thing to consider is whether he might be falling in love. One of the indications to realize this is the regularity with which they have their meetings. If it’s more than once a week, there may be deeper feelings involved.

In case you do not want commitments, then you should clarify your situation with him.

If you also notice that he is falling for you, then you should get away from him. On the other hand, if you also start to be interested in him, then let everything flow. At the end of the day, everything can change in a relationship.

After you have broken off your romantic relationship

It may also happen that between the two of you there has been a committed relationship, but you have separated.

When a man loves a woman and wants to return, after having had a story together, it can be for different reasons. This also differs, depending on how much time has passed since the breakup.

If you recently broke up, it could be that he hasn’t been able to get used to being alone. Surely, he has had some fleeting experience with some unsatisfactory girl and he wants to get back to safety with you.

But you should be careful with this, because you may think that he wants to be with you again.

The reality is that everything remains the same and you will soon see how the reasons for which they separated reappear in their relationship.

Another reason may be that he has analyzed your relationship and past mistakes. It is possible that he now really wants to be with you and repair his bond.

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You will realize it, when talking to him. Does he have solid reasons to get back with you? Have you thought of different ways to make things work between the two of you? So you really care.

When does a narcissistic man repeat with the same woman?

There are times when you should be careful with the man you repeat a date with, if you have shown that you are really interested.

If this guy is narcissistic, he will repeat his encounter with you just to feed his ego. Don’t expect to really care or have a meaningful relationship.

He only comes back to see you, because if you accept, he feels that he has power over you, that you do what he wants.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can tell that you are with a narcissist.

For example, your first date probably didn’t go as you expected. Maybe she made some comment that put you down. He may have constantly talked about himself in an overly positive way or even let you pay the whole bill.

But he has also been a charming, gentlemanly and attentive person, he may have even given you some flowers or some delicious chocolates.

He has really made you like him and that is why you go back on a date, but deep down you know something is not right.

It’s okay if you try again and end up finding that this person only cares about him. It is then that you should walk away, so as not to fall into the manipulations of a narcissistic man.

He can tell you amazing things and give you a wonderful gift to impress you, but don’t be fooled. These gestures are really not for you, he just wants to trap you in his game.

When a guy calls you back after a while and it becomes a pattern

It can also happen that you have met a boy, they have had relationships and he has disappeared.

You already give him up for lost, when, after a few days, he sends you a text message saying that he wants to see you again.

Surely, the first thing you feel is confusion… If he really likes you, why did he take so long to talk to you?

You decide to give it another chance, but again it disappears.

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The problem is that you really like this man, since he makes you feel like a queen and you have an amazing time in bed with him. So every time he contacts you again he can’t say no…

The reality is that this guy is using you as an alternative option, while he is with other women. He is probably immature and doesn’t know what he really wants out of a relationship. He then goes back and forth with the women, without concluding with anyone.

This only harms you, creating insecurity in you, since the relationship is erratic. You don’t even know what he wants.

But you do have things clear and this man is not in tune with it.

If you think it’s worth it, talk to him and tell him what you really want out of the relationship. If you see that nothing changes, it is best to continue on another path.

Final thoughts

When a man repeats with the same woman, it is usually a positive thing. He’s attracted to you and the last time they met, she had a great time. He is interested in meeting you and continuing with that special thing that you are building. He likes you and believes that the two of you can connect intimately.

But unfortunately in life not everything is rosy. You can always run into a narcissist, who thinks of nothing but himself. He can also be an immature man or one who doesn’t quite know what he wants from life.

What you have to know is that you are not in this world to fix anyone. You have come to be happy and if you meet someone so complicated, it is better to lose him than to find him.

Luckily there are many men out there who would feel lucky to have you by their side. What will they do to make you happy, face the adversities of life and consider you their equal.

You can like a boy a lot, but no one deserves that you go out of your way for him and you don’t feel comfortable. It is true that there are complicated beginnings, but you must stop, when you feel that it was enough.

If you truly believe that there is a person out there who is right for you, no doubt, in time you will find them.

Have confidence in it and give yourself a chance to be truly happy!

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