Around here we love series and films, and of course, we wonder which jewelry the main characters would choose to compose their looks!

In this post, we have separated some famous series characters and their possible choices in our site! Take the opportunity to get inspired!

Lucrecia – Elite

18K Gold Drop Set with White Stones

Lucrecia is a rich, evil girl, determined to be the best in her class, but throughout the series the character appears more vulnerable and human, certainly on our website she will choose a super luxurious 18K gold jewelry, like the dot sets of light.

Jon Snow – Game Of Thrones

Men’s Gold Ring

Jon is a mature and solitary type of character, during the series Jon adopts great morals and a true sense of honor, as he is more reserved, on our website, he would choose a beautiful 18K gold ring with an onyx stone!

Bonnie Bennet – The Vampire Diaries

18K Gold Figa Pendant Necklace

At the beginning of the series, Bonnie was a kind-hearted, bubbly, sweet, fun-loving, witty, and optimistic individual. Bonnie is considered a very spiritual person, from our website, she would wear a beautiful fig necklace which is very mystical and brings luck!

Monica Geller – Friends

Silver Hexagonal Shower Earring with White Stones

Practical, organized and disciplined, Mônica is the type who can’t sit still. She is extremely dedicated to keeping everything tidy. On our website, she would wear a beautiful pair of silver hexagonal earrings.

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Jake Peralta – Brooklyn Nine Nine

18K Gold Wide Flat Link Bracelet

The character is very sarcastic, extremely immature, takes almost nothing seriously, always has jokes ready, many people consider him a bit boring, others find him super good-humored, on our website he would wear an 18K gold bracelet that is super casual !

Rue – Euphoria

Anklet with Silver Moon Pendants

The character Rue can be a lot of things. She’s a romantic in disguise, but that’s not all: Rue is also sarcastic and full of contradictory emotions, from our website, she would definitely wear a beautiful silver anklet with moon pendants.

Annalize Keating – How to Get Away with Murder

Grace Kelly Pearl 18K Gold Earrings

She is a character who is very confident in herself and in her work, being a professional who is loved and feared at the same time, in addition to being extremely audacious and persuasive, she would choose a earring with pearls in 18K gold.

What did you think of the character choices? Do you think you suit them?