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What is the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn? For astrology, signs and more!

On December 21, 2020, Saturn and Jupiter entered into an exact conjunction. Such an aspect, for astrology, is just the beginning of a period of intense transformations and changes in points of view. After all, the meeting of the giants takes place once every 20 years, and the last time it took place in the sign of Aquarius.

Conjunctions are one of the planetary aspects that can occur in the sky. Thus, when two or more planets are positioned in such a way as to form specific angles with each other, they together exert influences on people’s daily lives.

To better understand the subject, the starting point is the understanding of the movement of the stars and the subjects dealt with by each one. In the article, learn more about the meaning and effects of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, in addition to its possible impacts from the birth chart.

The conjunction is one of the perceived aspects of the zodiacal belt. The movement of the planets is precisely what allows the emergence of distances that result in astrological aspects. In the case of Jupiter and Saturn, the size of the planets and the possibility of observing them in the sky draw attention. Next, learn more about the subject and its impacts throughout history.

The alignment between the largest planets in the Solar System is highlighted by the proportions of the planets. Under the right conditions, it is usually possible to see them after sunset when the conjunction takes place. However, observation is not always possible, due to climatic and luminosity aspects. When visible, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen below the moon.

The most notable detail of the meeting between the two in 2020 was the level of rapprochement between them. Although the conjunctions occur at intervals of 20 years, the distance between them is sometimes even smaller. Indicating how much the recent event was remarkable for scholars, the last conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn with the stars so close occurred 400 years ago.

Over time, the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn was set as a backdrop for social changes. In the periods when the alignment took place, society was faced with transforming economic and political scenarios, with impacts of great proportions. The turn of the millennium is an example, as is the end of 2020.

The highlight of the alignment between the two largest planets in the Solar System is the scope of treaties and propositions that emerged during the event. Combining Jupiter’s expansion with Saturn’s challenges, it’s easy to see how the conjunction questions individual and collective processes. With the Age of Aquarius, such changes strongly connect to social, digital and open thinking.

For astrology, the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn is the beginning of relevant moments, in which the steps taken have more expression than usual. The sign the planets fall into guides the tone of the planetary aspect which, this time, concerns Aquarius. Together, in Aquarius, they bring to the future more than was seen throughout 2021.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius unite expansion, progress, advances and many questions. Socially, such changes precisely favor society, since Aquarius is a sign that connects to the collective and to breaking standards. Added to technology, the aspect is a call to new beginnings and to the strength of transformations.

In the astral map of individuals, the conjunction brings the need for reflection on certain subjects. From the rising sign and from Jupiter and Saturn, transits in the sky are also important. What is most decisive is understanding the conjunction as a cycle extending over 20 years, and not as a single moment. Do you know what your ascendant is? Check where to start:

Amidst the effects of the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, those with an ascendant in Aries are faced with important issues related to the sense of collectivity. For the native, who is dedicated to his projects, it is time to put his own disposition at the service of plans for the future.

Questions about bigger and more comprehensive plans also come to the planets. Sincerity, typical of those with a Fire sign ascendant, can be a challenge. The keyword here is collectivity, accompanied by the pioneering and vigorous air of the native’s personality.

The native with an ascendant in Taurus, Earth sign, draws attention for having his own pace of putting plans into practice. Centered and appreciative of good things, he finds in the conjunction between the giants of the Solar System a call to themes such as visibility and important decisions.

The ascendant brings weighting, the quality needed at that moment, and a high capacity to appreciate what is good. In Taurus, expansion and persistence connect amid career, materialization and personal and professional achievements. Such aspects gain strength with the alignment between the planets.

Sociable and communicative, people with Gemini rising in the birth chart have a high capacity for dynamic situations and subjects. The approximation between Jupiter and Saturn brings expansion and focus to some themes, which have to do with what interests the native.

In the case of the Air sign, the planets praise work related to movement and its remarkable versatility. The advancement of personal projects is a theme related to the planets, as well as travel and the search for knowledge. Studies also gain strength, especially those related to the word.

For the native with an ascendant in Cancer, the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius is the beginning of a period that calls for some care. Observant and generous, the being can encounter difficulties in relationships with others, or even partnerships of different natures. There is a great trend of transformations, mainly in relation to money.

The planets impact those with the ascendant in the Water sign, bringing possible endings and oscillations, amidst their attached and sensitive personality. The strength of the subjective, typical of the ascendant, can bring challenges.

Extroversion and fun are hallmark traits of the Leo ascendant. Whoever has the Fire sign in this position of the birth chart should take advantage of the tendency to give and receive attention to get even more involved in socializing.

The conjunction, in Aquarius, reinforces the need for a close look at the collective and everything that involves other people. The giants of the galaxy ask the native to work on contacts, partnerships and all kinds of exchanges with other individuals. Professional partnerships can also be a hot topic.

Critical, rational and interested, the native with the Ascendant in Virgo stands out for his ability to improve processes, a typical characteristic of the sign. The expansion of Jupiter and the aspect of limitations brought by Saturn highlight themes related to everyday life.

Changes can occur in routine, in the performance of tasks and in health. Planets can also highlight the importance of a careful look at the organism itself and habits present in everyday life. Efficiency and reasoning help to overcome the likely challenges.

Libra, the Air sign, emphasizes personality traits such as charm, kindness and high levels of socialization. The questions brought by the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius connect to personal fulfillment and pleasure. Therefore, aspects to be worked on involve self-image, leisure, fun and love.

Those with a Libra ascendant may find themselves in need of movement and reflection on their own freedom, in addition to a sense of expression and creativity. Paying attention to these issues is the best way to deal with them.

Although remembered for its intensity, Scorpio is a sign that also refers to the depth of emotions. Those who have an ascendant in the sign usually have a decided, striking and somewhat determined personality.

The largest of the planets, Jupiter, is the mythological figure that invites all kinds of expansion and expansion of horizons. The incessant and knowledge-filled journeys guide the path of this ascendant. Together, the planets involved in the conjunction, Jupiter and Saturn, bring to being reflections on themes of strong emotional appeal.

Family, relationships and intimate aspects of life are highlighted among the issues that arise for the being with Scorpio rising. Although challenging, it is a moment of growth and expansion, as an indication of new paths to be followed.

Jupiter is the ruler of the ninth sign of the zodiac. With the Fire element, Sagittarius, as an ascendant, highlights friendliness, extroversion and independence in the native’s personality. The themes brought about by the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn are those related to studies, intellect and all kinds of communication and expansion with other people. Movement and relationship also call for attention.

Always ready to live new adventures and challenges, the being has its ruling planet strengthening great chances of expansion in subjects that bring interest. So it can be a period of growth and evolution with the planets in Aquarius.

Capricorn, Earth sign and linked to work, is ruled by Saturn. The planet is connected with potentially limiting issues and, those who have the ascendant in the sign are usually strong and persevering. Saturn, in mythology, represents the divinity of time and the transformations that happen with the passage of time, full of challenges and maturity.

Responsible, mature and methodical, he is a native who can come across themes of great practical appeal as the central pillar of the conjunction. Jupiter and Saturn invite those with a Capricorn ascendant to review matters related to personal values, income and money. In finance and other objective sectors of life, questions may arise, supported by the conscious responsibility of the sign.

Although it is an ascendant that refers to rebellious behavior and somewhat without feelings, Aquarius is a sign that connects the community and the future. Those with this ascendant stand out for their revolutionary and idealistic sense, without letting themselves be influenced by others.

No wonder, the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn invites the native to work on his independence. Furthermore, matters such as identity and new beginnings need to be viewed cautiously by those with an Aquarius ascendant.


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