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What can happen to our body when we eat spicy foods

Some foods are so spicy that chefs must wear a gas mask while cooking to prevent the heat from reaching their eyes. And it is a fact that ingesting spicy food undeniably affects the body in general. But not all people are aware of the negative and positive effects of pepper consumption.

We, from incredible.clubwe decided to research what happens in our body when eating dishes rich in pepper.

1. Can help with weight loss

Eating spicy foods is an easy way to burn a little more fat. Nothing is able to replace the practice of exercises or a healthy diet, but the capsinoids found in peppers are good allies in the process. They are known to increase energy release and reduce fat concentration.

2. Spicy foods can increase pain tolerance

It may even sound strange, as the simple sensation of eating pepper can be intensely painful for some people. However, experts point out that capsaicin can activate a specific substance in our brain responsible for pain sensations. This encourages our mind to ignore the pain, a great extra ability for those who aren’t afraid to indulge in spicy dishes.

3. It can help to improve the immune system

When we eat spicy food, our body is enriched with antioxidants. And this is very useful, for example, in times of increased cases of cold, as antioxidants protect us from microorganisms that attack our body. If you’re feeling that sluggishness caused by the flu, prepare something with hot peppers to boost your immunity.

4. There is a chance to extend the lifespan

5. It can reduce the desire to ingest sugar

It’s no secret that sugar is harmful to health. However, it is difficult to cut it from the diet or even reduce the amount ingested. According to experts, adding spicy dishes to your eating habits can have positive effects on reducing your cravings for sugar. The effect is similar to having a glass of orange juice right after brushing your teeth — after eating something spicy, we usually don’t want anything sweet. One more reason to indulge in that delicious pepper sauce!

6. Taste buds suffer

As for the negative effects of pepper consumption, the tongue is the first to feel the consequences. She is seized by a burning sensation, which, incidentally, can even go beyond the level of simple sensation to become a real burn. Because of this, we may lose the ability to experience various flavors as before. But there is no need to worry, as such an effect is temporary. Taste receptors regenerate unless you eat a lot of chili food daily for a long time.

7. May cause an allergic reaction

Some people have reported waking up with a swollen and itchy face the morning after a spicy dinner. This could be because hot peppers have the potential to trigger allergies. For some people, it’s just the body’s natural reaction to the spice. But in order to understand what is behind it and how to avoid the problem, you need to consult a doctor.

8. Stomach problems can get worse

9. Heartburn can get more intense

Peppers contain a combination of acids that, when eaten in large amounts, cause burning in the walls of our stomach. In the long term, this condition can get worse and become chronic. So, if that’s your case, don’t exaggerate on spicy foods.

Are you a fan of spicy food! In your opinion, which dish goes best with a spicy seasoning? Comment!

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