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Tie-dye: learn the ancestral technique that makes every piece more stylish

Tie-dye means “tying-painting” and consists of a dyeing technique that creates clothes so amazing that they win anyone’s heart. The tie-dye pieces give a 10 in style and are super cool, with that modern touch.

The process is done with ties and fabric folds where the paint should not be applied. In this way, tie-dye prints have a mixed-color appearance, with blank sections of the unpainted parts. This combination delivers beautiful results, see below.

30 tie-dye pieces to be enchanted by this technique

If you’re already a fan of the style or are full of curiosity to know the technique, don’t miss the beautiful examples of tie-dye clothes below.

1. Tie-dye can be used in many ways

2. Styling clothes in a very original way

3. Making them look interesting

4. And even that dullest piece can be attractive

5. The technique can be used in many ways

6. And with the use of different inks

7. Allowing for a true variety of styling

8. Whether by the way of painting

9. Which can bring a marbled effect

10. Or spiral visual

11. Or, who knows, by the colors used

12. Some pieces can be very neutral

13. Creating a versatile pattern that makes it easy to match the garment with other clothes

14. While other mixes are already more flashy

15. Standing out for the mix of strong tones

16. Which can accentuate the look when combined in a darker set

17. Anyone who believes that the technique cannot be used in formal clothing is mistaken

18. Which is not true, as seen in this photo

19. Although the technique is usually seen on t-shirts

20. Or hoodies

21. Tie-dye can also make a beautiful pantsuit print

22. Or in overalls

23. And even a very elegant skirt

24. After all, tie-dye is not restricted to just one model of clothing

25. Since it can be seen in skirts

26. Shorts

27. Dresses

28. Among other items

29. Making everyone so much fun

30. And with that face with a modern look that we love!

Tie-dye is so versatile that it has no limitations, and can be used on any type of clothing or accessory. Just good taste and style to rock the technique!

Tie-dye history and techniques

Tie-dye is believed to have originated in 8th century Japan, where the tying and dyeing technique was known as Shibori. However, in many parts of the world processes similar to tie-dye have emerged. In India, for example, there was an old procedure called Bandhani, which consisted of creating nodes in the piece to apply the paint.

In addition to these roots, there were very similar techniques in Africa and Thailand, known as Batik and Mudmee. Despite the historical baggage, tie-dye’s popularity came even in the 70’s, when the hippie movement adopted the technique as a darling.

Since then, tie-dye has been gaining fans everywhere. Currently, there are many ways to achieve a beautiful result with this dye. You can see the spiraled tie-dye, which gives that “snail” effect, the ice dye, which uses cold colors to bring out the appearance of ice, the marbled tie-dye, which approximates the texture of marble, among others. .

how to tie dye

For every DIY fan, tie-dye is one of the easiest techniques to replicate at home, being easily reproduced with few materials.

Making a spiral tie-dye shirt

The youtuber teaches how to make one of the most popular models of tie-dye t-shirts. According to her, following a similar palette when choosing fabric paints can yield a great result. She chooses to create a print with the colors yellow, red, orange and pink. In addition, she gives a tip on how to adapt a bottle to a tube to facilitate the application of paints. Don’t miss out!

Tie-dye customization with lashings

For a super elegant blouse, Jessica shows you how to cost-effectively customize that piece that’s sitting there in your closet. She makes folds in her blouse and creates lace-up divisions with elastic bands. Next, Jessica dilutes the fabric dye in hot water and soaks the garment in the mixture. The next step is to wash off the residue, remove the elastics and debut a beautiful blouse.

How to make gradient tie-dye with Amanda Britto

Ideal for carnival, parties or even everyday life, Amanda creates a beautiful tie-dye t-shirt with a gradient effect. She starts by making two ties in the center of the piece, dilutes the pink dye and dips part of the shirt. Then she takes the clothes out of the container and dips the bottom of the shirt in another mixture of green dye, always keeping the center of the garment out. She removes the elastics and takes the shirt out to dry.

Tutorial for tie-dye t-shirts

Are you one of those people who have clothes stored in the closet that you don’t even use anymore, but still can’t throw them away? If the answer is yes, this video offers the solution to transform your pieces with beautiful tie-dye prints. The youtuber uses a bucket, salt, newspaper, erasers and powder paint to make two t-shirts using different techniques. You will love!

With creativity and the right materials, nothing more is needed to produce a beautiful tie-dye piece. It’s easier than you thought, isn’t it?

This makes it easy to understand why tie-dye is so loved by many. The technique generates incredible and original results. So don’t waste time and add more tie-dye pieces to your wardrobe soon, you won’t regret it!

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