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This logic puzzle made for Chinese kids will confuse anyone

One fine day, in a math class, second-year elementary school students were given a different assignment. And the truth is that not only children, but also many adults suffered to solve the challenge. But to find the right answer, you don’t need to apply special math skills. Just the ability to think “outside the box”.

The wording of awesome.club invites you: put your logical thinking to the test!

Let’s start

After failing to solve the challenge, some parents came to the conclusion that the creator could only be an alien from a distant planet.

During an experiment by the Xinhua agency, the riddle was submitted to 11 math teachers. Of them, only 5 managed to reach the solution. The others concluded that the challenge had no answer.



Although all extraterrestrials look different, in the front row they share 2 traits in common:

3 antennas with round tips; 1 triangle inside.

None of the creatures in the second row have these traits, nor are they aliens.

In the third row, there is only one creature that matches the description. This creature is an alien.

Do you agree with the solution? Do you think another creature would be ET? Leave your comment!

Illustrator Oleg Guta exclusive to Incrível.club

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