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The Secret Behind Amanda Seyfried and Her Husband’s Solid, Unconventional Relationship

When we think of Hollywood couples, we usually imagine a world surrounded by glitz and glamour, don’t we? However, when we look at the relationship between Amanda Seyfried (age 36) and her husband Thomas Sadoski (age 45), we see a very different picture. The couple made the decision to be totally open with each other and decided to do everything at their own pace, ignoring all sorts of behavioral rules. The result, as we can see, is a romance that seems to work very well.

O awesome.club thinks that every relationship works in a way and people should discover together what is good and what is not good for them without the influence of others. With that in mind, we’ve separated some details from the lives of Amanda and Thomas, who seem to have found their secret to happiness.

A love story written in the stars

Amanda and Thomas met in May 2015 while working on an “off-Broadway” play. At the time, they were not single, but Amanda admitted that they were both in bad relationships. Thomas helped her a lot with panic attacks, but he “never flirted and never disrespected his wife,” and that made Amanda admire him even more. And that’s how respect and friendship were born between them.

However, it seems that fate had other plans for the two actors. Sometime later, but still in the same year, Amanda’s two-year relationship with her boyfriend came to an end. A month or so later, Thomas separated from his wife, to whom he had been married for eight years. Interestingly, the two were called to participate in a new project, but this time “things started to heat up” and in March 2016 there was confirmation that the two were actually dating.

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Let things happen naturally

From the beginning, it seems that the couple refused to follow any kind of tradition and didn’t want to know about Hollywood’s always very exaggerated rules. They did their best to keep their relationship out of the spotlight. In fact, they got engaged in less than a year and by the end of 2016 Amanda’s tummy started to show. And when it comes to wedding rings, they’ve opted for something very discreet, quite different from the imposing wedding rings that celebrities usually wear.

The wedding took place in March 2017 and followed the couple’s low-key and casual pattern. The two eloped and opted for a secret ceremony “just for the two of us”, revealed the Mean Girls actress. The couple decided to have an intimate brunch at a neighborhood café sometime later. Apparently, the special day happened spontaneously, and that’s what made it even more beautiful. In the end, Amanda suggested that the two of them go to a restaurant and she said it was all amazing.

Overcoming challenges together

While the couple’s story seems perfect, they also need to overcome the obstacles that life throws their way to strengthen their relationship. One such challenge came when actor Dominic Cooper was cast with Amanda in the film Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!. As the two had previously dated, Thomas was not very comfortable with the situation.

Family always comes first

Just check out the couple’s social media to prove that they have a simple, laid-back approach to life, as well as a very honest relationship. Although we have no doubt that both have very busy lives, the two always put their daughter Nina (4 years old) and son Thomas (1 year old) first. Thomas said he had never been more excited in his life than when he learned he was going to be a father.

Recently, the family has been spending most of their time on a farm. During an interview, Amanda was asked what her routine was like. The actress revealed that she spends all her time with her husband, children and animals. She loves being by her husband’s side and recognizes that as time goes by the marriage is getting stronger and stronger.

Are you the type who tries to imitate successful recipes to make your relationship work or do you think that each couple should find their own way of relating?

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