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The bride’s dress in each culture

Wedding is a tradition belonging to different cultures and in each one, it carries different customs, thus, the history of the wedding dress is directly linked to the origin of marriage itself, which emerged with the aim of legalizing a family unit, whether to give legitimacy children and inheritance, the establishment of alliances between families and clans or the gathering and exchange of goods and wealth.

In this post we will talk a little about the wedding dress in each culture and the symbolism that this outfit carries with it.

While marriage was seen only as a commercial arrangement, the bride’s dress had the role of showing society the family’s economic power, so they were extremely luxurious and of the most varied colors.

Red, yellow, patterned, and even black were widely used in the Middle Ages, Ancient Greece and Spain. But it is not known exactly where the tradition of wearing a white dress came from, but historical records indicate that Queen Mary Stuart, of Scotland, was the first to adopt the color white in the 16th century.

Although white became the tradition at weddings after this fact, many cultures still use other colors in their ceremonies.


The predominant color is red. Symbolizing joy and love, the color is present not only in the wedding dress, but also in the decoration and invitations.


In India, as well as in China, red is also very present in brides’ attire and represents fertility, material prosperity, longevity and good health. White, unlike Brazilian tradition, is only worn by widows.

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In Israel, the Jewish ceremony and festival make reference to the Old Testament of the Bible. Every detail has a context and meaning according to Judaism. The bride’s dress ALWAYS has to be white, representing purity.

Russia, Greece, Japan and Brazil:

The bride’s dress has a lot of volume and shine, the accessories, such as hats, bag and shoes are white, as is the dress and as in Israel, “white” is considered a symbol of purity.

Whatever the case, the bride’s dress is the most anticipated moment at the wedding, everyone is excited for the bride to enter the church wearing a beautiful dress! If you don’t want to get married in white, know that brides’ dresses have been modernized over time, including in terms of color. Check out 13 options for wedding dresses that aren’t white!

And you? Do you already know what your wedding dress will look like? Tell us! Oh, and to add a touch of glamor to your dress, be sure to buy beautiful jewelry on our website!

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