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The 10 Best Shampoos for Chemically Treated Hair of 2022: Lola, Joico, and More!

The post-chemical shampoo, or shampoo for chemically treated hair, has the function of preserving the chemical treatment for a longer time, since the hair strand loses nutrients and proteins as an effect of the substance used in the treatment. The use of a common shampoo after a chemical treatment can remove the used product, reducing its effect.

Although the hair gains an appearance according to your taste, the discoloration or chemical straightening procedure modifies the structure of the strand, which can become weaker and more sensitive. The post-chemistry shampoo cleans the hair while softening and strengthening it.

Chemical hair treatment is a common procedure, but it needs to be done with a quality product to get the result you want. Maintenance follows the same principle.

The difficulty for beginners is in choosing the best shampoo for chemically treated hair, but this problem ends now with reading this article that contains precious information about these shampoos, and also a list of the 10 best shampoos for chemically treated hair. Just read and enjoy.

10 best shampoos for chemically treated hair 2022













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300 ml 300 ml 240 ml 250 ml 280 ml 250 ml 300 ml 250 ml 250 ml – 1 L 325 ml


Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex, Ceramide – R Quadramine Complex, Vitamin E, Glutamic Acid, Phyto-Lipids Apple Extract, Sugar Cane, Sicilian Lemon, Panthenol Phytosterol and Amino Acids Wheat, Golden Camelina Oil, Keratin Lotus Oil, Hemp Oil argan and keratin Lunamatrix System, banana extract Nut and cupuaçu oils Avocado, jojoba and palm Avocado, coconut, sunflower, argan, linseed, macadamia and olive

Free of

Not informed Not informed Sulphates, parabens, silicone and mineral oil Not informed Not informed Salt Parabens, sulfates and dyes Salt Salt and parabens

cruelty free

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Not informed Not informed Not dermatologically tested Not informed Not informed Dermatologically tested Not informed Dermatologically tested Not informed


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Choosing a post-chemistry shampoo must follow some basic criteria so that you are satisfied when you see the result. Important details like formula assets and hair type need more attention. Therefore, continue reading to learn about the main assets and other important precautions when buying.

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The active is the main substance of the product, the one that will achieve the effect you are looking for. A shampoo can contain one or more actives. See below the main assets and what they do in your hair.

Grape Seed Oil: widely used in the cosmetic industry, it has moisturizing properties and increases cuticle resistance.

Coffee: with a composition of about 95% caffeine, it cleans the scalp and helps in hair growth, strengthens and prevents hair loss.

Palm: with excellent results, palm oil increases hair volume through capillary strengthening, helps with elasticity, nutrition and softness of the strands.

Sunflower: Sunflower oil contains a large amount of fatty acids, omega 6 and vitamin E. All these substances are moisturizers that prevent dryness and hair loss.

Acerola extract: with a high concentration of vitamin A, acerola extract contributes to the production of collagen in the scalp, which helps to strengthen the hair.

Amino acids: are protein-forming elements, which perform important functions such as hydration and strengthening of hair strands.

Keratin: it is the main component in the formation of the hair strand, with 90% of the total. A substance formed from the union of several amino acids, without it hair would not even exist.

Ceramide: another element responsible for the integrity of the thread by creating natural protection in the cuticles. It helps decisively in post-chemical recovery.

Panthenol: substance rich in vitamin B5, used to replace the loss caused by the treatment, as it exists naturally in the hair. Its function is to hydrate and give the hair natural shine and softness.

Banana extract: the strength of this extract comes from the conjunction of lipids, amino acids, potassium and many vitamins, since they are all strong actives in hair care products.

Avocado and hydrating oils: avocado offers several benefits to the hair, and together with other hydrating oils it adds shine, prevents split ends, stimulates hair development and controls liquid loss, helping with hydration.

After carrying out a chemical treatment on your hair, it is time to maintain the result, so that the effect remains as long as possible. Therefore, some care is needed such as washing the hair, for example.

One of the main points is the choice of shampoo, and you should avoid those intended for deep cleaning, which are usually transparent. The reason is very clear, because when penetrating deeply to perform the cleaning, this shampoo will also remove the product you used in the treatment.

The chemical treatment on the hair is done in one go, but the good maintenance of the result depends on some care, under the risk of the effect ending in less time than expected. One of these precautions is to use a lighter shampoo, as your hair will already be saturated with chemical elements absorbed in the treatment.

In this sense, choose a shampoo that does not contain parabens, dyes, artificial preservatives, paraffin and salt, among others. By the way, these components should be avoided, regardless of whether the hair has undergone chemical treatment or not, as they are all potentially harmful to the skin as well as the hair.

Another important point when choosing a shampoo for…

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