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Star Lenny Kravitz is passionate about rural life in Brazil (and even bought a farm here)

Popstar Lenny Kravitz is in love with Brazil. The American singer, winner of four Grammys, bought a colonial-style farm in the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro. There, he produces organic food, rehearses with his band, takes the opportunity to disconnect from the world and, at the same time, seeks inspiration for new hits. Recently, Lenny released a video from the magazine Architectural Digest in which it shows the incredible property.

O awesome.club tells, in this post, how the star author of hits like Again and Fly Away created a huge taste for country life here in Brazil. And don’t miss the bonus at the end of the text.

“Welcome to my farm”

Lenny Kravitz’s property is located in Duas Barras, a quiet town of around 11,000 inhabitants about 200 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. Lenny would have acquired it in 2007, shortly after his first shows in Brazil, in 2005.

Very comfortable on his horse (even reminding him of a Brazilian farmhand), the popstar talks about his passion for property in Brazilian lands: “It’s a productive farm, where everyone eats beautiful organic products. It’s a great place to come and be creative and a part of life that, thankfully, we can’t get enough of.”

Extremely friendly, the popstar introduces the house cooks. In a very carioca style, he kisses each one on the face and says: “they prepare beautiful meals full of love for us”.

Amazing pieces of Brazilian design in the rooms

The house, all in colonial style, was furnished according to the artist’s refined musical taste. There is, for example, an acrylic piano that belonged to none other than actress Ingrid Bergman, winner of three Oscars and eternally remembered for the film Casablanca. Another highlight is a red armchair that belonged to American pop art genius Andy Warhol. There are also some design pieces by national artists, such as a coffee table by architect Jorge Zalszupin.

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“I love to incorporate as much Brazilian design as I can”

Finally, Lenny shows the leisure areas of the property, which have a swimming pool, soccer field, a complete gym and, of course, a barbecue area, an area “essential for every Brazilian”, says Lenny.

And he ends the video talking about his experience with the farm in Brazil. “When I got here, I didn’t know anything about it. But sometimes that’s the beauty of life, living situations we didn’t expect”, he says.

Bonus: Watch, in full, the video in which Lenny Kravitz presents his farm in Brazil

Did you like the video that shows Lenny Kravitz’s passion for Brazil? Do you think that other foreign artists should get to know our country better? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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