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Palo santo: what it is and properties

Palo santo: what it is and properties

The holy stick (Bursera graveolens (Kunth.) Triana & Planch. ) is a tropical tree whose wood, hard and yellowish, produces some popular incense sticks widely used to purify the environment in the home or facilitate meditation for its relaxing properties.

From its wood, by distillation, a precious essential oil which, in topical use, is used for its soothing properties to relieve different types of pain and to improve different dermatological conditions.

He palo santo tree It belongs to the Burseraceae family and can measure between 4 and 17 meters high. It is characterized by having a silvery gray bark and being highly branched. The leaves are compound, with narrow, oval or obovate leaflets, and the flowers, grouped in panicles, are whitish in color. The fruits are hard capsules, ellipsoidal in shape.



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