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Not all love lasts forever


It hurt, and it passed. She hurt, but it’s gone. The days passed and everything that seemed like it would never leave the chest, she disappeared. Our eyes never met again, our skins never touched again. Our love never smiled again.

Everything that hurt, that throbbed and agonized inside is gone, far away from me. Because after all, that’s what happens with loves that don’t work out, they sink in, squeeze, take root and disappear when it’s time to leave, simple as that.

And I know it’s hard to believe, that it hurts and even destabilizes a little, but loves don’t always last forever. At least not together.

And we keep everything that was good. Keep the sweet memories of the first date, the first kiss, the first sign of love. We even keep movie tickets to remember every good moment that has passed.

He keeps one or two poorly written farewell letters, one or another verse full of rancor, one or another sign of disaffection. We are human and although we don’t always want to, we also carry in our chest a handful of disgust disguised as resentment.

But in the end, what really matters is learning that love doesn’t have to be eternal for real. That it doesn’t have to be forever to tag and it doesn’t even have to be just flowers for us to be able to count.

Love is made of ups and downs, good and bad days. They are made up of kisses and fights, declarations and a little bit of arguments. Love is black, white and everything else in the color chart too. Because love is what we actually live and feel, and not just those beautiful, edited scenes that the movies tell us.

Love is the sum of everything: the beautiful, the ugly and even the confused. It’s what came before the kiss and what stayed after the goodbye. Love is the whole set of that incredible experience that is wanting to share life with someone else. Love is what worked and what didn’t work so well either. Love is everything that at some point did well. And unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on which point we look at, not all love lasts forever.

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