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Moleca shoes: comfort and femininity for your feet

When it comes to comfortable shoes, it’s easy to remember Moleca, with his classic denim sneakers, a model that marked the brand’s arrival in the Brazilian market, and, more recently, its varied models of shoes that combine style, colors and, as always, comfort.

The brand was born in 1985, in the city of Igrejinha, in Rio Grande do Sul and belongs to Calçados Beira Rio SA, one of the largest footwear companies in the country and in the world. In addition to Moleca, Calçados Beira Rio SA also owns and produces the brands: Beira Rio, Vizzano, Molekinha and Modare Ultraconforto.

According to the brand’s Style and Marketing Team, “Moleca is made to wear with comfort and style for all occasions. The brand’s products match women who have a young and cool spirit, regardless of chronological age. The design is thought and developed to delight all consumers at first sight.”

Learn more about Moleca shoes, get inspired by several models to buy online and meet other shoe brands that also defend the idea that comfort and style don’t need to be separated.

The classic Moleca sneakers

The sneakers are the highlight of the brand, as they have long been a reference for comfort. The stock of models is quite varied and easily pleases different styles and tastes. It is possible to find sneakers for work and for everyday life, without forgetting the brand’s characteristic romanticism.

In addition to the great advantage of comfort, Moleca sneakers are also quite versatile. This is due to its harmonious and simple design, which does not mean ordinary shoes without personality. The combination of comfort, the balance of colors and textures and the touch of femininity make Moleca sneakers a joker when it comes to composing looks.

“All the materials used in the creation of Moleca models are specially designed to respect the silhouette and perfectly accommodate any type of shoe (feet)”, explains the Moleca team.

Finally, another advantage is the affordable price of the sneakers, which range from 40 to 80 reais. Check out some options for Moleca sneakers for you to buy online:

Other brand shoes

In addition to the traditional sneakers, Moleca also has other shoe lines, offering in its product mix models of flats sandals, gladiators, slippers, espadrilles, yachts, espadrilles, moccasins, wedges and heels (always prioritizing the comfort factor). In addition, it is possible to find sneakers and Moleca boots.

“All Moleca’s modeling follows the basic premise of uniting the sensorial experience of comfort with the creative force of an always current and cool look.”, explains Moleca’s Style and Marketing Team.

To learn more about Moleca’s other collections, see a selection of other shoes by the brand available for purchase online:

Similar brands

In addition to Moleca, there are other shoe brands that value comfort and also offer sneakers full of style and femininity. Get to know other cool brands that have beautiful and comfortable sneaker options for you:

In these brands it is possible to find different models of sneakers and other shoes with the same comfortable grip. The models range from romantic and classic styles to the most daring and fun, just look for the uniqueness of each brand and choose the one that best matches your personal style.

Looks from bloggers with Moleca

Versatility is one of the outstanding features of Moleca shoes. Get inspired by the looks of bloggers using Moleca to compose stylish and comfortable looks.

Regardless of the chosen shoe brand, the important thing is that you feel free, beautiful and stylish and if that still comes with comfort, just go out and rock it!

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