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Mermaid costume: 25 ideas and tutorials for you to shine at parties

Easy to make and super charming, the mermaid costume is a favorite at costume parties and carnival blocks. The mermaid is a mythological figure known for her charms, sensuality and maritime elements, such as the shells and fish tail that appear and complete the costumes.

Check out 25 varied mermaid costume inspirations, from traditional to the most modern and colorful, and tutorials to compose a complete look. No one will resist its charms!

25 mermaid costume ideas to inspire you

There are mermaid costumes for different styles and occasions. For a carnival pad, you can invest in a lot of glitter and stripped-down costumes. For a costume party, pay attention to details and makeup. See some ideas and get inspired!

1. The simple mermaid costume is practical to make

2. And it yields fresh looks for you to go to a carnival block

3. You can transform into the most famous mermaid in the cartoon

4. Ariel’s costumes are creative and colorful

5. And to spend Carnival in style, how about an outfit like this?

6. Scales are part of the mermaid look

7. Can appear on metallic top

8. On the skirt, all shiny

9. And even in a complete look to party with friends!

10. The mermaid top decorated with shells is a classic

11. You can do it with two bigger shells

12. Or fill a top with shells, which is just a charm!

13. The mermaid’s tail completes the look

14. And for you to be comfortable throughout the occasion, you can adapt it into a short skirt

15. For a gala, check out this deluxe mermaid costume

16. There are complete looks and full of neat details

17. Mermaid costumes for Carnival are very colorful

18. The tulle skirt adds volume and makes the production fun

19. Oh! And don’t forget to do your makeup and crown.

20. This look is full of attitude!

21. With a seashell crown, the mermaid look is cool

22. Are you going to spend Carnival on the beach? How about a mermaid bikini?

23. Of the super fancy fantasies

24. Even the adapted and stylish ones

25. Just feel good and delight everyone with a powerful costume!

The cool thing is that anyone can turn into a mermaid and still add a little bit of their own style to the costume. Is it more discreet? Capriche in the skirt and balance with a neutral look. But if you like to dare, bet on bright, colorful pieces decorated with many pearls and shells.

How to make your mermaid costume

The mermaid costume is a favorite because in addition to being charming, it’s not difficult to make. Here’s how to compose a complete look with accessible materials:

Affordable and easy to make mermaid costume

This costume is cheap and super practical to assemble. For the skirt, you will need 2 yards of shiny lurex fabric. And for the top, just an old bikini top, fabric dyes and a fake pearl necklace. Follow the complete step by step.

Tutorial: Trident and Mermaid Crown

In this video by blogger Lu Ferreira, we see how to make a mermaid crown and trident for you to rock the carnival blocks. The crown is made with seashells and pearls and the trident is decorated with lots of glitter and seashells to complete it.

How to make a mermaid crown

The crown is an item that cannot be missing from your mermaid costume. See how to make a tiara, felt and ornaments to decorate. In addition to the amazing result, the tutorial is easy to follow and the materials are economical.

Walkthrough: Complete Mermaid Costume

This tutorial shows us how to make a complete mermaid costume, from tying the skirt, decorating the top and making the crown. The materials aren’t hard to find and the result is a mermaid costume that’s beyond whimsical.

Tutorial: mermaid top

Another essential item in a mermaid costume is the top. See how to make a colorful model decorated with pearls and shells.

As you’ve seen, you can make a complete mermaid costume yourself with affordable materials. In addition, you can assemble the costume with the colors you like the most and decorate it your way. Do you already know what you’re going to make for the next occasion you ask for a costume?

Just like mermaids, costumes are beyond charming, aren’t they? For other ideas, check out 70 improvised costumes and have fun!

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