Wear gold or silver rings is women’s accessories trend that is always on the riseincluding using several in one powerful ring mix! Therefore, more and more people are looking to use these accessories in order to bring a unique meaning. See more in this post!

Most people know that the finger on the dating, engagement or wedding ring is the ring finger, but did you know that the finger you choose to put on other types of rings says a lot about your personality and way of life? In the post we explain the meaning of using it on each finger!

1. Thumb Ring:

The thumb demonstrates an important evolutionary leap for humanity, as with it we began to use tools, which was very important for our survival, according to eastern knowledge, This finger is related to the individual’s willpower.

Wearing a ring on the thumb enhances this characteristic, reinforcing the confident and independent character, which demonstrates, in this way, people who have high decision-making power and a desire to take control of their own lives, without worrying about other people’s opinions. No doubt, Anyone who wears a ring on their thumb has a unique and strong personality.

2. Ring on Index Finger:

Did you know that in Jewish culture wedding rings are worn on the index finger? This because it symbolizes the opening of new opportunitiesnew paths, as with it we point to the direction we wish to follow.

In the Middle Ages it was common for kings to wear a ring (a symbol of authority) on their index finger. People who wear a ring on their index finger They have the personality of a leader, are decisive and dynamicthat is, they always want to be protagonists!

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3. Ring on Middle Finger:

Wearing a ring on your middle finger means balance. Who use 18k gold ring This finger is very autonomous and determined.

Despite not having a traditional story, wearing rings on the middle finger is a big fashion trendin other words, perfect for those who like to wear feminine jewelry in a different way and to give that “up” in the look.

4. Ring on Ring Finger:

In traditions it is suggested that Dating, engagement and wedding rings should be placed on the ring fingerbecause according to the Romans, there is a vein connected directly to the heart, called by them the Vena Amorisor “vein of love”.

Ah, how not to fall in love with beautiful women dating rings, wedding rings It is engagement rings worn on the ring finger! This is considered the finger of union.

In 860 AD Pope Nicholas decided that wedding rings would be used as a symbol of the union between two souls. But if you’re single, don’t worry, Wear rings on your ring finger without fear! Representing the strength of love, the most beautiful feeling in the world, through our Love Ring from the Inspirations Collection. After all, love is what moves us and brings meaning to our lives!

5. Ring on Little Finger:

The representation of the ring on the little finger is linked to interpersonal relationships.

It is believed that Those who wear a little finger ring can get new relationship opportunitiesimproves marriage and even opens doors for business proposals, which is why many people use class ring on this finger!

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Don’t miss the opportunity to attract success into your life by wearing a wonderful ring on that finger!

Always remember that You are free to wear rings on whatever finger you want. and this is a accessory used in different styles, bringing even more personality to your personal image! Check out all the options amazing rings on our website!