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Lunar calendar and menstruation: how to tune productivity and creativity with the cycles

Each menstrual phase it is related to a type of energy, a feminine archetype, a season of the year and a lunar phase. Observe these phases carefully and write down daily the moon cycle in which we are and the physical and energy levelwhat we perceive It is a way to better understand why we feel and behave differently depending on the moment of the cycle.

Thus, knowing these data is of great help to better plan the agenda establishing more moments of rest or of productivity and action according to the moment of the cycle in which we find ourselves.

to help you synchronize your rhythms of creativity and energy with the natural cycles, In this article we summarize the different menstrual phases in relation to the lunar, seasonal calendar and the type of energy.

The menstrual cycle in relation to nature

In the same way that circadian rhythms exist, nature and women also transit transcendent rhythms through the seasons and the menstrual cycle.

Although we live in a very linear and uniform society, in some aspects almost robotized, and increasingly disconnected from the deep and natural world, there is an unstoppable trend that claims different concepts such as the connection with our bodies, celestial observation, inner gaze and cyclicality as a source of self-knowledge, freedom and suitability to perform different tasks.

for millennia ancient cultures have followed lunar calendars and honored this cyclical dimension and fused women with the moon. Subsequently, it ceased to be a general practice until the author Miranda Gray “resurrected” and popularized this knowledge in the 1990s and synthesized it into 4 phases in her famous work “Red Moon: the gifts of the monthly cycle”. Decades later, many of his heirs have followed his witness, disclosing a different way of reconciling with our biological force and using it in modern life.

recent books like Untamed Power –by veterans Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer– and cyclo. Your sustainable and positive menstruation, by Paloma Alma, are an example of this.

And at the base of this movement we find a reconciliation with menstruation and a natural approach, positive and enriching, from well-being and taking advantage of all its benefits (such as its purifying and cleansing potential for the body) and the messages it gives us on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Far from nullifying it through contraceptives, It is claimed as a valuable tool for daily life and a whole self-care discipline.

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hormones, various physical and emotional changes, menstrual phases and lunar movements dance in a sinuous and cyclical wayaway from the rigidity and linearity in which we usually live socially and offer us a treasure that we can use to our advantage.

Menstrual phases and natural cycles

As we have already mentioned, each menstruation phase it is related to a type of energy, a feminine archetype, a season of the year and a lunar phase. They are the following:

1. Preovulation: first quarter, spring, maiden

It is the follicular phase (from the end of bleeding to ovulation) characterized by an increase in estrogen, which in turn causes an increase in serotonin levels in the brain, which produces more energy and enthusiasm.

It corresponds to the spring, the crescent moon and the archetype of the maiden.Is a stage of dynamism, expansion, in which we can feel more enthusiasm and energy than usual. We accept criticism better and we want to go out, have fun and interact.It is a good time to start projects and take action if we have been stuck or want other goals. Mental creativity, learning, research, planning, concentration, analysis and physical strength are enhanced. The challenges are more acceptable these days. The archetype of the maiden -or archer or Virgin according to the sources- also transmits resolution and control effectiveness of our impulses and emotions.

2. Ovulation: full moon, summer, mother

In ovulation the leading hormones are estradiol and progesterone.

It corresponds to the summer, the full moon and the archetype of the mother.Our body prepares for possible fertilization and we are more receptive, naturally and unconsciously seductive, empathic and instinctive. In fact, the rise in the level of pheromones makes us feel more attractive.We enjoy high doses of energy and strength and it is a stage to nurture and execute projects and also linked to care, expressiveness and emotional communication and teamwork. The archetypal mother is a loving, empathetic, protective woman who assume responsibilities.

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3. Pre-menstruation: waning moon, autumn, enchantress

Luteal phase, after ovulation, with progesterone as the protagonist.

It corresponds to the energy of the autumn, waning moon and archetype of the enchantress who looks inward and leaves behind what no longer serves him, lives with more intimacy and sensitivity and less desire to socialize and recreation. The emotional and intuitive part is on the surface and we can be less resolute in everyday life, but more receptive in every way. It is the best time to identify what we need, prioritize effectively and dismiss what is no longer in tune with us. The moment ideal for cleaning and deep order and review our vital or professional projects. It is time, both to create or continue, and to destroy. The sorceress is linked to the mystery, the interior and the truth. A intuitive woman, wild, self-aware and powerful.

4. Menstruation: new moon, winter, witch

These are the days of bleeding.

It corresponds to the winter, the new moon and the archetype of the witch, so socially misunderstood and misunderstood. We have low energy and the body asks us to rest, external recollection and descend to the depths of our soul reaching very intuitive and sensitive states, close to sadness. It is the maximum connection because menstruation and the uterus are closely linked to our creativity. Techniques such as drawing or creative writing or other similar ones help us at this stage so that our hand can express itself freely without the filter of the rational mind. Also, these days the cerebral hemispheres are more connected.It can be a very sexual moment, also the ovulatory phase, but with different nuances: a more intense, deep and demanding sexuality. The witch archetypal represents interiorization, stillness and renewal. A spiritual, conscious and wise woman.

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Some authors even refer to these days of bleeding as an ealtered state of consciousness because we are flooded with oxytocin, the hormone of love and happiness, which helps calm us down, heal us and feel more united and connected to our essence and existence.

The lunar diagram to use these phases to your benefit

Although daily life also depends on schedules and work demands and it is not always possible to follow these tips, we can practice internal listening and give us what we need at other times of the day that depend on ourselves.

For this it is important to start in the exercise of the lunar diagram.

There are different versions, but the most characteristic is a circle diagram divided into 30 sections corresponding to the days of the month where daily –beginning with the 1st day of sacred– we write down the phase of the moon that corresponds and how we feel on a physical and energy level, dominant emotions, perceived libido and our deep state of mind.
After several months of compliance –minimum three are recommended– already spatterns can be observed in our feelings and behavior that will help us better plan our agenda by establishing more moments of rest or productivity and action. And aromatherapy can also help us in this flow. Link to the other articleThe more we listen and let us respect our cyclical essence, more well-being and balance we will achieves in our life at all levels. “Thus, if the woman really becomes aware that her menstrual life is an expression of a being of a cyclical nature, she will begin to see that she is part of the great cycles of the universe, she will accept even more your true condition and you will be able to bring harmony to your life”. Miranda GrayY these cycles also apply to menopause, the shaman stage and wise par excellence, that she is also struggling to be more socially recognized and appreciated.

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