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Learn to say thank you

It is a pleasure to agree with you through these words because, without a doubt, they are a little more food for the person I am, just like each of the things I have experienced. Yes, like that, Even in my worst moments I feel that I have the duty to say thank you..

And no, it is not a duty of external obligation, it is a duty to myself: my emotional well-being goes through the filter of constant gratitude to what I had and what I was, to what I have and what I am.

Cervantes said, although in other words, that it was good natured to be grateful. I believe that he goes further: for when our life ends, One of the sensations that we would have most wanted to have will be to say thank you..

It was, is and will be a pleasure to have met you

Saying thank you helps us on our path

And gratitude, if understood as the ability to recognize a benefit that has been had, is an internal state that spreads outward. A state that manifests itself in words of gratitude that come out of our mouths honestly.

From the moment we come into the world until we leave it, we are the product of a constant flow of experiences that provoke emotions of very different kinds in us. That is why The most necessary duty is to say thank you.

What has made me happy comforts me and enhances my new hopes and dreams. What has saddened me and caused me pain, has taught me. Therefore, dI thank you for the memories that have filled me, But I also thank those who sought to escape because thanks to them I am who I am and I know it.

“There is no duty more necessary than that of giving thanks”


Our relationships with others are based, among other things, on this feeling: when a person does something for us, even lending a shoulder at a bad time, we grow closer to them. It is known that sadness arises the greatest complicities and that from the breaks we feel scars, storiesa true story that is ours.

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Being grateful increases our emotional well-being

Gratitude is equivalent to a positive life attitude, It is synonymous with seeing the glass half full, waking up on the right foot or opening your lungs to breathe. Some studies, in fact, have shown that Gratitude improves our health and helps stabilize our emotional well-being.

The one responsible for maintaining the balance of our emotions is a chemical substance called serotonin. and that is found in our body. We also know it as the “happiness hormone”.

In order not to fall into depression, for example, serotonin maintains its levels stable and, to achieve this, one of the tools is gratitude. Thanks to a smile or simply saying thank you inside ourselves, many things can change.

Do the diet of joy: a smile every morning, a thank you at the end of the day

It would be very beneficial if this post could help you practice this diet at the end of your day and at the beginning of the next. A simple diet, with easy ingredients that you can start putting into action right now. Well, it does not require efforts or sacrifices, but it provides the necessary nutrients to be better at every moment.

Our emotional relationships with those around us will be fortified with this energy that produces reciprocal gratitude, for those who are with us and for our self, in the different phases of life. The little things, the simplest, are the most important and the most necessary to be grateful for..

Bad moments offer us great changes, learning mistakes, disastrous relationships, new relationships… but The days, the days offer us opportunities. One after another, without hesitation.

And, although for Walt Whitman life was a desert and an oasis, we have to take advantage of it and be grateful for it.

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