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How to plant a tree in 5 steps

If you enjoy walking through nature, if you like forests… perhaps you should contribute your grain of sand and plant one or more trees.

5 steps to plant a tree

Not just any tree will do, experts warn of the need to plant native trees. These are the ones that best adapt to the conditions of the soil, humidity or climate.

It is also convenient that they come from nurseries in the area, which have genetic quality assurance.

1. The place and time

Choose a warm day, without wind and start work preferably in mid afternoonso that the seedling has time to adapt to the new soil before enduring the midday sun.

Choose one area with bushes to plant it nearby.

2. The right hole

It should not be very large, so that there is not much evaporation. A general guideline is that triple the volume of the pot.

3. Take it out of the pot

If the roots are stuck in the pot, don’t hesitate to cut or break it to remove the root ball.

Take care so that the plant is not damaged.

4. Place it in the hole

moistens well the root ball and sink it deep enough to bury the roots. Fill with the earth that you have removed, but free of other roots or sticks.

compact it with your hands and then with your foot so that there are no air pockets.

5. Protect it from animals

A protection around one meter high to prevent damage by animals.

put a tutor it will help you grow straight.

Better to plant several trees than just one

If you plant a set of treesseparate them about 3 meters so that they all receive the light well.

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But no more, since, isolated, they cannot communicate through the roots or the volatile chemical substances that they secrete.

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