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How to make a lampshade: 35 tutorials to make yours with style and practicality

The lampshade is a super elegant decoration object, because in addition to illuminating the environment, it can have different styles that adapt to the harmony of the place. Rustic, modern, retro, classic models, in short, all make the environment even more cozy.

Suitable for beautifying any environment, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, office, the lampshade is a versatile element and you can let your imagination run wild. Check out 35 tutorials of different styles of lampshades for you to make your own.

1. How to make a cardboard lampshade

How about making an entire lampshade with just cardboard, fabric, hot glue and some tools? This tutorial shows you how to make the cardboard lampshade stand and dome. The fabric to decorate you can choose your preference, and the lighting is very easy to attach.

2. How to make a pet bottle lampshade

In this tutorial, Maria Inês Oliveira shows how to make a different lampshade, in a cylindrical shape, with a pet bottle and a golden and silver plastic towel to decorate, leaving it with an air of elegance and sophistication. You can exchange the plastic towel for another decorative fabric.

3. How to make a sulfite paper lampshade

Incredible arrangement of rolled bond paper, using few materials. Although wiring the lighting is a little more work to do, the result looks great, using just paper and a small cardboard box. A very modern and sophisticated lampshade.

4. How to make PET bottle lampshade and plastic spoons

That’s right, pet bottle and plastic spoon. It sounds simple, but the result is amazing. It gives a modern and cool air to the decoration of the environment, as well as being easy to make. You will use the shell part of the spoon, and the size and color is up to you.

5. How to make glass bottle and plastic paste lampshade

Juliana Costa teaches how to make a beautiful and ingenious lamp made of a glass bottle and plastic paste. You will need a drill, glass drill, glass bottle of your choice, spray paint, plastic paste, bond paper, wire, hot glue, pliers, masking tape, fabric of your choice, screwdriver, switch, socket , two meters of wire and a mouthpiece. It’s super fun to make this lamp.

6. How to make a string lampshade

Amazing composition of this string lamp using fake candles, instead of the light bulb, which is easier when assembling, as shown by Jessica Belcost. The effect is wonderful, with a stripped and modern style.

7. How to crochet lampshade

If you love or practice crochet, you will love this stylish lampshade decorated with crochet. A differentiated and stunning model, ideal for any environment. Bruna Szpisjak shows you step by step how to do it.

8. How to make a children’s lamp with cardboard and plastic

Beautiful pink lampshade with children’s ornament. Practical idea for the children’s room, using cardboard, plastic, paper, EVA and fabric. Get inspired to do it in other colors and designs, this is a basic model and can be used for any type of lampshade.

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9. How to make a PVC lampshade

The list of materials seems a little big, but they are simple elements that will give an amazing result for this PVC pipe lamp. Using the stencil technique to decorate, the light is distributed through the decorative beams, giving elegance and charm to this luminous decorative element.

10. How to make a copper and PVC pipe lampshade

Modern and minimalist design, this amazing lampshade made by Nat Dametto, has an amazing effect and the copper color stands out as a support. It matches any environment and is a great choice for offices.

11. How to make a paper box lampshade

You know that paper box you don’t use anymore? It can transform into a super creative lamp, as Paloma Cipriano shows in this tutorial. With few materials you can assemble an incredible composition, as Paloma did with these sheets of bond paper.

12. How to make a lamp with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s

Give your simple lamp a new design by making a modern stand out of a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. Dany Martines shows how easy it is to assemble this lamp, with few materials but a lot of creativity.

13. How to make a lamp with barbecue sticks

Creativity and simplicity are not lacking in this beautiful lampshade. Using few materials such as MDF covers, wood glue, barbecue sticks and a thin fabric, you can compose a wonderful lampshade. The hexagonal cap shape made all the difference in the composition, you can choose the size and shape you want.

14. How to make a lampshade with a clothespin

Lidy Almeida rocks this super creative lamp in a rustic style. Using clothespins, the light effect is amazing. The tutorial also teaches how to apply the wiring and the lamp in this lamp, in an easy and practical way.

15. How to make a mirrored lampshade

A great idea to renovate that old lamp or one that you’ve already got sick of, using its entire structure, just renovating the dome with small round mirrors and double-sided tape. The effect is stunning, with a modern style.

16. How to make a tripod lamp for the living room

Want to brighten up your living room without drawing too much attention? This lamp made by Nina Braz is an excellent choice. With a tripod support and a greater height, it gives the environment a wide light.

17. How to make a floor lamp

It’s super easy to assemble this beautiful floor lamp using simple materials you find at home. Lidy Almeida uses broom handles, plant pots and the lampshade, she made a bamboo placemat, those flexible ones. Get inspired by this beautiful creation.

18. How to make a cloud lamp

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A super cute cloud-shaped lamp made by Nathaly Melo, with a feather plate and LED lights. Ideal for decorating the children’s room or even the big ones because it’s a charm. You can attach it to the wall like in this tutorial, or create a stand.

19. How to make a pearl lamp

How about decorating the entire lampshade dome using pearls? In this tutorial, Mari Colatino transforms a simple lampshade, painting the entire support in gold and decorating with a crown at the base. The most amazing thing about this lamp is the delicate application of the pearls, it’s a knockout.

20. How to make a lampshade with a concrete base

Lamp with an industrial and modern style, made of concrete, using few materials, such as: pet bottle, PVC pipe, knife, masking tape and mortar. You can use a ready-made dome and decorate the concrete base as you wish.

21. How to make a blackboard style bottle lampshade

Great option for those who like to decorate according to their style, with phrases and drawings. Dainny Paula shows the step by step to make this bottle lamp with blackboard detail. You can decorate as you like and choose the fabric of the dome in the color you prefer.

22. How to make a glass bottle lampshade

Another one of those simple and easy to make, that enchant any environment. In this tutorial, Geisa teaches how to paint the glass bottle from the inside, and also how to assemble the lighting with the lamp, in a practical and fast way.

23. How to make a lamp with an Eiffel Tower stand

Romantic and sophisticated lampshade, inspired by classic Paris, using a miniature of the Eiffel Tower as a support. Great option to decorate rooms or offices. In this video, Carla uses a ready-made dome, but if you prefer, you can also make a new dome in the way you prefer.

24. How to make a wooden lampshade

With an unconventional shape, this wooden box lamp is a spectacular idea. Although specific materials are needed to work with wood, the result is beautiful and the light beams in the shape of a lampshade are very interesting and creative.

25. How to make a lampshade with pallets

For those who enjoy the rustic style, this lamp is ideal. With a differentiated format, the materials used for its composition make the piece elegant and super creative. The dyed strings give a unique finish to the lampshade, further emphasizing the beauty of the rustic element.

26. How to make a cup lamp with candles

Beautiful models of small lampshades, using decorated cups and candles for lighting. Ideal for decorating tables and small furniture. The lampshade dome is made with decorative paper, and you can choose according to your preference, using a mold where it fits and forms a dome. It is very simple and practical to do.

27. How to make a lampshade with popsicle sticks

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A lot of creativity in this simple and beautiful composition, using a lampshade kit and popsicle sticks. In addition to being easy to make, it doesn’t need many materials and the result is brilliant.

28. How to make a lampshade with cassette tapes

You know those old tapes that you don’t know what to do with them? You can assemble an amazing retro lamp using these cassette tapes and a piece of wood to make the electrical part of the lamp. It is also a beautiful decorative piece for various environments.

29. How to make a retractable lamp with toothpicks

It seems difficult, but Iberê Thenório will show us in an easy way to practice, how to make a retractable lamp using ice cream sticks. It’s ideal for desks and offices, where it needs to be compact.

30. How to make a lampshade with disposable cups

These beautiful pieces are just decorative, no light system is attached, but if desired, LEDs can be an easy option to adapt. The model looks beautiful and you can decorate as you wish, in the tutorial there is a more elaborate model with fabric and another with decoupage paper. You can improvise with the materials you have available.

31. How to make a pineapple lamp

Modern inspiration with a shimmering effect from this lampshade with a silver pineapple stand. The famous pineapple jar is easy to find, and in this video, Nanna paints the pineapple with silver spray paint, the result is amazing. She also shows how to make the mold to decorate the dome with a fabric, it’s super easy.

32. How to make a lampshade with crepe paper flowers

In this tutorial, Josy Queiroz shows how to decorate the dome of an MDF lamp, using crepe paper. She shows how to paint the MDF and how to make the flowers to stick on the lampshade dome, giving a romantic and special effect to the lampshade.

33. How to make a European pole lamp

Who doesn’t love a classic British-style lighted pole? Dany Martinês shows you how to make this amazing lamp with simple materials, such as: tracing paper, paraná paper, pipes, lamp kit and other easy-to-find materials. It’s a beautiful decorative piece and the lighting is perfect.

34. How to make a lamp with glass jars and socks

Different objects that form a modern composition with spectacular effect. Glass jars and fishnet stockings gain a new purpose, forming a beautiful lampshade. Erika Karpuk shows how simple and practical it is to assemble this type of piece.

35. How to make a lampshade with photos

Amazing idea to gift someone or decorate the room, using photos and ice cream sticks. With few materials it is possible to create this beautiful piece, practical and easy to make, leaving the environment even more special and personalized.

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