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How to find good tattoo artists: tips for you not to make a mistake when choosing a professional

Getting a tattoo is a way to immortalize something important or externalize some feeling or inner characteristic.

Before making the decision to get a tattoo, you should think very carefully and take some points into consideration, as it is a very difficult and painful mark to remove.

In addition to being sure what you want to tattoo, looking for a good professional is essential for your tattoo to look the way you dreamed. Thus, it is more likely that the result will be nice and that you will not regret it.

4 tips for finding a good tattoo artist

Deciding where or with whom to get your tattoo is not an easy task, especially if it’s your first. But, I can already tell you that the best option is not to choose the studio closest to your home, but the one that gives you the most confidence.

Here are some factors to consider and actions you can take in an attempt to identify a good tattoo artist:

Define the style of tattoo you want: Knowing what type of tattoo you want to do, it is easier to find good professionals, after all, the style of design serves as a filter. Look for names that have experience or do work that you like, in the style you want.

Consider the studio environment: The studio is, in some ways, a reflection of the tattoo artist’s work. Analyzing the decoration, the way of service and the audience of the studio can help you understand more about the style of tattoos done there and if it is a space that gives you confidence for you to get your tattoo. The environment should also please you, because depending on the size of the tattoo, you will spend a few hours there.

However, more important than these “indirect” issues is to analyze the cleaning and hygiene conditions of the space, how the equipment sterilization process is carried out and also whether the products used are of good quality.

Talk to the professional: Nothing better than a conversation to feel if the tattoo artist gives you confidence or not. By scheduling a visit you can get to know the studio, see some of the tattoo artist’s work in person, discuss your ideas and answer all your questions!

Look for indications: Friends and other trusted people are also great sources for good tattoo artists, after all they can tell you, in detail, what the tattoo artist is like, if the experience was nice or had any negative points, in addition to questions about pain and values.

48 Brazilian tattoo artists to meet, follow and inspire

To help you in the process, we selected tattoo artists who are a reference in each style and maybe, if they are from your city, they can be good options for you to bet!

If the list does not have a name from your city, the selected tattoo artists are also good sources of inspiration, both for those who are passionate about the art of tattooing, and for those who are dying to get one.

If you want a watercolor tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are charming and perfect for anyone looking for a more organic painting style. In this technique, the paint is diluted in water, gaining different shades and effects of splashes and brush strokes.

  1. Victor Octaviano: Victor is one of the names that could not be missing from the list of watercolor tattoos, after all, his line and painting are unique and full of fluidity. He works in São Paulo and has a busy schedule.
  2. Felipe Bernardes: Felipe works at the Maori Tattoo Studio, which is located in Serra, Espírito Santo. He is adept at combining watercolor painting with geometric traits and creates tattoos full of color and attitude!
  3. Felipe Mello: The details and the “draft” style are present in the style of Felipe Mello, who is from Rio de Janeiro, but with a more punctual presence of color. The result is charming tattoos regardless of the type of design, delicate or obscure. He works in Rio, but his schedule is full of trips to other capitals, who knows, maybe he’ll go through yours?
  4. Paulo Victor Skaz: Paulo is from Recife and has a style that he defines as surrealist and abstract, his watercolors are full of nuances that seduce those who look. Check out his Instagram to check it out!
  5. Tavares: With splashes, vibrant colors and plenty of personality, this artist from Porto Alegre is a good choice for anyone looking for an original and exclusive tattoo. In addition to his beautiful watercolors, Tavares also works with a realistic style.
  6. Amanda Roosevelt: Amanda is a tattoo artist and illustrator from Fortaleza who makes amazing watercolor tattoos. She excels in botanical tattoos and creates amazing designs that depict flowers, leaves and trees. Check out her Instagram, you won’t regret it!

If you want an old/new school tattoo

The old and new school styles are characterized by their striking contours, intense colors and an older, retro look. This style is classic and timeless, it never goes out of style. Bet on this style if you are afraid of getting sick of the tattoo in the future.

  1. Cesar Malnova: Directly from Ribeirão Preto, in São Paulo, Cesar has a very characteristic trait of the old school style, and stands out for that, but he also works with other styles such as fine line and blackwork.
  2. Neto Lobo: Neto fits more into the new traditional style, as it combines aspects of the old and new school and produces more stylized works. He works in Curitiba, but travels to tattoo in other cities.
  3. Luiza Fortes: With a very rich work, Luiza walks between the neo traditional and the new school, as well as her fine line and pointillism, that is, she has so much for those looking for personality or delicacy. She works at Art Line Tattoo Studio, in Rio de Janeiro.
  4. Maria Fernanda : Maria’s work combines the strength of the old school style with a certain softness. Her tattoos are colorful and charming! Check out Maria’s Instagram and write down her name in your diary if you live or are going to São Paulo.
  5. Dionel Orona: What stands out the most in the work of Dionel, a tattoo artist from Rio de Janeiro, is the precision of his lines in old and new school drawings. The colors have very well defined contours, which makes his work a true work of art.
  6. Ana Mendes: Ana Mendes is a tattoo artist from Belo Horizonte who rocks the old school style. She also works with other styles and rocks them all. It’s worth checking out her work.

If you want a realistic tattoo

The realistic tattoo, without a doubt, is the most difficult to perform. The level of detail in this style is extremely high and nothing can go wrong, even more so when the chosen design is a person’s face. In this case, the choice of professional must be made with great care and attention. You must be very sure of your choice so that the result does not disappoint you. Opt for an experienced tattoo artist, ask to see photos of other works and talk to those who have already tattooed themselves with the professional. With these care, your tattoo has everything to look amazing!

  1. Fernando Souza: Fernando is an artist from São Paulo who also works with the realistic style and is very faithful in his portraits. On his Instagram he shows several tattoos next to the original photos, the result is amazing!
  2. Chico Morbene: The tattoos of the gaucho Chico Morbene impress by their extreme realism. Some tattoos with eye designs are so faithful that they even have the sparkle of real eyes.
  3. Thiago Silva: Thiago Silva is a tattoo artist from Curitiba who works at the Immortal Tattoo studio. It reproduces real images in extremely faithful tattoos, ideal for those who want to immortalize a memory.
  4. Aline Pinheiro: Aline goes through several styles (and does very well in all of them, by the way), but she does an impressive realistic job. She tattoos famous people’s faces and also rocks blackwork. Shading it further enhances the impression of three-dimensionality.
  5. Led Coult: Led Coult is a tattoo artist from Santa Catarina who tattoos impressive portraits. On his Instagram, he posts photos of the tattoos alongside the original photos and the reproduction is very faithful. His work is worth checking out!
  6. Alexandre Veríssimo: From Maringá, Paraná, Alexandre Veríssimo is an artist who performs masterpieces of tattoos. He uses and abuses colors to make his work as true to reality as possible.

If you want a written tattoo

Tattoos with words and phrases are increasingly common and can express a memory, a feeling and even the name of a dear person. Also called lettering, this style can have different types of fonts and even the handwriting of someone special. Many people even tattoo other people’s signatures.

  1. Gabriela Droguett: This tip is for Bahian women who want to tattoo: Gabriela Droguett, a specialist in calligraphic style, is a reference on the subject. Her dash is amazing and she is able to work with multiple fonts.
  2. Rêka Bittencourt: Rêka Bittencourt, who is also from Salvador, makes tattoos written with a clean and fluid line. A perfect option for you who want a delicate and beautiful tattoo.
  3. Pablo Morysson: Pablo Morysson, in addition to other styles, works with written tattoos. His trait is delicate and he manages to satisfy all customers from their requests. He currently works in São Luís, Maranhão.
  4. Caio Cruz: Caio’s lettering style is more aggressive, ideal for those who are adept of a heavy style and full of attitude. He is so competent and professional that he teaches courses throughout Brazil and is featured in competitions.
  5. Tassio Bacelar: Tassio, a tattoo artist from Salvador, has a fine line that looks great on very delicately written tattoos. He has a very original style and mixes fonts in the sentences, which makes his work unique.
  6. Rhailla Farinna: Working in São Paulo, Rhailla is an artist who rocks written tattoos. She does from tattoos with fine features to works with an aggressive feature, catering to the most varied tastes.

If you want a thin line tattoo

Fine line tattoos, or also called fineline tattoos, are ideal for you who want a more delicate and discreet design. If you’re going to get your first tattoo and you’re afraid to risk something too big, choose the thin line you won’t regret! A very important tip: choose the tattoo artist very well for this job. Fine line tattoos require a lot of firmness and precision so they don’t get crooked.

  1. Taís Thorpe: Taís Thorpe is an artist from Rio de Janeiro who has a very thin line, ideal for you who want a stylish tattoo, but also delicate. Taís’ work is incredible and conveys a lot of personality.
  2. Criz Suconic: From Jaú, in the interior of São Paulo, Criz Suconic is a tattoo artist that impresses with her fine line. Using few colors, she does incredible work that draws praise from anyone.
  3. Ana Abrahão: With a very thin line and many colors, Ana Abrahão’s work is delicate and charming. On her Instagram we can see tattoos of elements of nature, such as flowers, leaves and trees. She works in Brasília, but also travels to several places in Brazil and the world to attend.
  4. Jessika Campos: Jessika is a tattoo artist from Piracicaba, in the interior of São Paulo, who rocks the fineline style. Her work conveys delicacy and sensitivity, characteristics …

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