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Homemade spelled bread with sourdough

Those who try making bread at home are often hooked: not only because of the incredible pleasure of savoring good homemade bread, but also because of what you enjoy and learn with the process. One step further is to make it with sourdough. It requires a little more waiting and patience, but the payoff is huge.

The result at use sourdough It is a much tastier bread, with an acid point, than stays fluffy for much longer. A bread like the old ones and like that of good bakers, who prefer the flavor and personality that sourdough gives to bread over yeast.

In addition, the bread made with sourdough it is assimilated and digested better.

Below you will find a very simple spelled bread recipe to start. Many people tolerate spelled flour better than wheat flour. You can also try making your own sourdough. Below you will also find the sourdough recipe.

Wholemeal spelled bread recipe

To make this homemade bread recipe you can use your own sourdough or buy fresh yeast. Another great advantage of making your own sourdough is that you can use it for this bread and all that you dare to do later.


100 g of spelled sourdough (or, failing that, 15 g of fresh yeast) 300 ml of warm, not very hot water 500 g of 70% wholemeal spelled flour 8 g of fine salt


In a large bowl, dissolve the sourdough with the water. Add the flour and mix it with a silicone spatula, until you get a homogeneous mass.let her rest for an hour, covered with a cloth. Take the dough out of the bowl, add the salt and knead for 10-15 minutes. To do this, push it with the palm of your hand out of it, and when you return, fold it in on itself and give it a quarter turn. Then, she shapes the dough into a ball and lets it rest for another 5 minutes covered with a clean cloth.Repeat these movements two more times.Once all this is done, let the dough rest in the bowl for 3 hours covered with a cloth, until it ferments and doubles its volume.Preheat the oven to 250ºC. Take the dough out of the bowl carefully and give it one last soft knead. Put it on the tray with baking paper. Shape it round and make a cut in the center with a blade. Leaves rest for 15 more minutes.Put it in the oven at 220ºC for 40 minutes. Put a plate with water in the same oven, to get a crispy crust. Take out the loaf and let it cool on a wire rack.

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How to make sourdough

sourdough it can be done in many ways and the result is always a unique dough, as it is nourished by the bacteria in the environment where it develops and gives the bread its own flavor.

Here we tell you how to make a very simple spelled sourdough. Once you do it, keep what is left over in the fridge and refresh it to reactivate it and make bread again, that is, add half the flour and water again, stir and let it rest.

Day 1. Mix 100 g of organic wholemeal spelled flour and 100 ml of water in a clean, dry glass jar. Stir with a spoon and let stand at room temperature. Cover it with gauze or similar so the dough can breathe.Day 2. After 24 hours, stir again with a spoon.Day 3. Remove half and refresh it by adding 50 g of flour and 50 ml of water. Stir and let rest.days 4-5. Repeat the previous step for two or three days until you see that it has come to life: that it gives off a lactic odor with a certain acidity, it forms bubbles or that in 2-4 hours it doubles or triples its volume. When this happens, it is ready to use.

If you want more sourdough recipes, you can check this article by Luciano Villar in which he tells you how to make sourdough with rye flour.

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