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Guided body scan: the mindfulness technique to observe and feel the body

The technique of conscious observation of the body to relax It has become very popular since the advent of mindfulness, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn with the collaboration of Zen monks such as Thich Nhat Hanh, among others.
This doctor in molecular biology developed the 8-week MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program, explained in his book Living fully in crisesand that today is a standard in the practice of mindfulness or full attention throughout the world.

The body scan It is done by shifting our attention from the feet upwards, observing each part of the body and relaxing it through conscious breathing. Through accompaniment and with full and benevolent attention, we invite the body to relax and open up the possibility of connecting with ourselves. Many times, however, instead of relaxing, we begin to feel small pains and tensions accumulated in various parts of the body. body. What to do then?

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connection and pain

Many times we forget that, under our neck, there is a body with its own processes, sensations and needs. Discovering it when reconnecting can be an unpleasant surprise.
For this reason, beginners of mindfulness They are disappointed, because instead of relaxing they feel strong tension in their shoulders, their back or lower back hurts, or they even see increased anxiety symptoms.

All of these cues can be positively integrated with practice. Sometimes, this process needs a therapeutic accompaniment. When someone has a hard time sitting quietly for ten minutes, this inactive observation is likely to make them very uneasy. In any casereconnecting with the body allows us to get out of the state of anesthesia or dissociation.

continuous improvement without stress

In my office I agree with the teachings of master Peter Yang, a pioneer of Tai Chi in Spain who died in 2014: it doesn’t matter how much you invest in your practice, as long as you reserve a little time each day for it.
A Catholic priest and owner of the first Chinese restaurant in Barcelona, ​​Mr. Yang was convinced that spending five minutes a day consciously breathing is enough as a starting point so that full attention unfolds in all aspects of our lives.

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To get used to this practice, Can the Japanese method of taking one step each day help us? in the same direction: the kaizen. We can start with a short daily practice and gradually extend it until we achieve a 45-minute body scan. The body scan and conscious breathing nThey give you the opportunity to return to the present moment, to realize where we are, what is happening and how we feel. When we go from one emergency to another, these are the questions that are most difficult for us to answer.Bodily sensations only exist in the present moment, For this reason, the practice of body relaxation is a formidable shortcut to getting out of the mind and rooting ourselves. And just as happens when we meet a person we haven’t seen for a long time, ifand requires time and patience to develop trust and friendship.

How to do a daily body scan

Take a deep breath and feel your whole body. Set aside 20 minutes a day to lie on your back, feet and hands apart, or sit on a chair or cushion with your back straight. Breathing in, feel your body.Connect with yourself by focusing. Bring your attention to the right foot, and try to feel it, visualizing a soft light on it. Take a deep breath and invite him to relax. Keep going up and when you get to the hip, go to the left foot.Relax with the light of attention. Repeat on the other side and up the trunk. Go feeling each part of the body, gently illuminating it with your breath, until you reach the skin of the head.See if something has changed in you. After these minutes of deep relaxation, move again and open your eyes. Has something changed in the way you feel your body or in your consciousness? What do you notice in your body?

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