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Gender of the Earth signs – Know what to do at the “H” hour –

Want to know what to do in bed to please your partner? So here’s how to achieve the necessary intimacy with just a little help from the stars. understand how the earth signs sex and don’t miss the chance to bring a lot of pleasure without fear of making mistakes.

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Sex in Earth signs

Understanding how your partner behaves under the sheets is not an easy task. Especially if you’re getting ready for your first time. That’s why astrology can help you, indicating the tendencies and preferences of each sign.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are native to the Earth element and therefore have very similar characteristics. They are very fiery, they like adventures, but they need stability and confidence when it comes time to surrender.

The truth is that sex for Earth signs is something important, as it is about the intimacy of the couple and not about adventures. Get a better understanding of each of them.

How is the sex of Taurus

They are extremely jealous of their partners, but they are also often romantic and enjoy having sex with love, affection, care and a lot of surrender.

They bet on sensuality, touches, senses, perfumes and patience. Taurus doesn’t usually show off so easily, but once she gains confidence in her partner, she demonstrates sexual vigor that is sometimes difficult to keep up with.

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They like long and loving foreplay and enjoy unhurried sex in safe and comfortable places.

Tip: Taureans enjoy being surprised by items such as: ice, condensed milk, chocolate, strawberry and whipped cream, etc.

How is Virgo sex

They are usually discreet people and in sex they do not act differently. Despite bringing a calm posture, they hide a powerful sexual explosion, which comes into action as a relationship of trust is established with the couple.

Overcoming the distrust of people of this sign in sex is not always easy, as it takes a lot of patience, but they turn out to be intensely sensual lovers.

They have many fantasies, although they do not always have the courage to reveal them. Their weak points are their hands and they like to bathe together.

How is the sex of Capricorn

People of this sign are discreet in everyday life and also in sex. They don’t give in easily and at first they hide their feelings and intentions well.

But once trust and intimacy are established, they are extremely sensitive, sensual lovers with strong desires, sometimes contained. When they fall in love, it’s for real and they have their weak points in their knees.

Capricorns like to have sex in discreet and comfortable places, and oscillate between dominating and commanding to submitting to their partner’s fantasies. As a traditional sign, they sometimes prefer simple, blunt sex. They tend to have perfect chemistry with Taurus and Virgos.

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