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See how to use incense + 2 love and money spells

Incense can bring numerous benefits to our daily lives and serves different practices. Its aroma is relaxing, relieves bad mood and calms the spirit. But do you know how to use incense?

If used incorrectly or excessively, incense can be harmful, such as causing inflammation in the airways, or even causing a fire.

Thus, it is necessary to be careful to extract only its benefits.

how to use incense

Below, we list the step-by-step guide on how to burn incense safely, so that you can enjoy its aroma in the best way possible.

Step 1 – Buy incense

The first step in how to use incense is to purchase one. To choose which is the best incense for you, first think about what you want to attract with it.

For example, if you are very anxious and want to relax, the best option is to light a seaweed incense. If you are looking for tranquility and calm, light a lavender incense. If you want to spice up your love night with the boy, opt for a cherry incense.

You can also guide yourself by your sign to find out which incense is best for you.

Step 2 – Find a suitable incense holder

In addition to causing a fire, incense ash can also stain your furniture. Therefore, the ideal is to use a suitable incense holder to light your stick.

If you prefer, you can make your own incense holder by filling a glass bowl with sand, grains of rice or salt. The bowl needs to be wide enough to catch the ashes that fall from the wand.

The amount of sand, rice or salt should be enough to hold the wand diagonally. Place the amount needed to hold the wand diagonally.

Step 3 – Light the incense

First, you need to know where to light an incense, as you need to find a suitable place to burn it. Ideally, it should be lit in a ventilated room. But, keep it away from doors and windows so it doesn’t go out easily.

Also be careful not to leave anything flammable near the incense, such as curtains, papers, or sheets.

After setting your incense on the censer in a ventilated room, use a match or lighter to light the tip of the incense wand.

Leave it burning for 5 to 10 seconds and then blow. After blowing, check to see if you can still see a glowing ember. If so, your incense is burning properly.

If the tip is grey, the incense has gone out and must be lit again. Depending on the quality of the incense, it can be difficult to keep the wand lit.

If it is a good quality incense, it should burn for 20 or 30 minutes.

After it has finished burning completely, only the ashes and the base of the wand will remain that can be thrown in the trash.

How to put out incense?

It is very important to remember to put out the incense before leaving the house. Never leave incense burning unattended.

To erase, it’s very simple: just dip the lit tip in water or press it against a heat-resistant surface.

Why use incense?

As we said at the beginning of this article, there are several features for incense and it can help in many situations in our daily lives.

Depending on the scent chosen, we can increase the vibration level for a desire we have, to create a mood or to inspire us with some goal.

Below, we show you the best incense sticks to achieve two goals that are often the most sought after by people: attracting money and love.

How to use incense to attract money

See below which incense scents are ideal for attract money and learn a sympathy for your financial life to improve.

cinnamon incense

This aroma is related to abundance. lighting the cinnamon incense, your vibration gets higher, sweeter and purer, reminding you that abundance is your natural state. That is, you are worthy of having a lot of money in your life.

clove incense

O clove incense It’s ideal to use when you believe something is getting in the way of money getting to you.

This incense breaks through blocks to abundance, making it easier for the flow of wealth to come to you. This aroma also helps us to free ourselves from fears related to money and to trust the Universe more.

jasmine incense

Jasmine incense is great for a variety of purposes, including attracting money. In addition, its aroma helps us to see our beauty and increase our power to attract what we desire.

patchouli incense

This incense, because it is very strong, does not usually please many nostrils. But if you like the scent of patchouli, use it. It has a strong and powerful vibration for money, allowing the blessing of wealth to come into our lives.

vanilla incense

The aroma of vanilla helps us feel comfortable and safe. And what makes us comfortable and safe? The money. That is, we naturally attract fortune to our life when we use this incense.

Incense spell to make money


  • 1 banknote of any value;
  • 1 green apple incense;
  • 1 glass of water;
  • 1 spoon of sugar.

How to make

Wrap the base of green apple incense with the note. On the side, mix the spoon of sugar in the glass with water. After that, light the incense.

While the incense burns, repeat the following prayer for two minutes:

“Divine powers given to the Universe, come and bring me the amount that is fair to me. Bless my financial life and don’t let me suffer. The Lord who inhabits the highest heavens can come to bless me and take care of my life. He can also bring the blessing I need. Pour out on me and my family the joy and prosperity of a life filled with harmony. May I know how to spend this money wisely and honorably. Amen!”

After the two minutes of prayer, remain in the room where the incense is in silence. You can take this time to visualize all the money coming into your life and you achieving all your dreams with it.

When the incense starts to burn the base note, repeat the prayer below 3 times. Each time you finish the prayer, take a sip of the water:

“That this sacrifice of which I have little, the multiplied money may appear to me. I am endlessly grateful for the blessing that will be given to me, as well as the life I will be able to enjoy!”

If the note doesn’t darken or catch fire, it’s a sign that your faith still needs to be proven.

You can try this spell up to 4 times. If the bill remains intact, it is because you are not yet ready to handle large amounts of money.

How to use incense to attract love

acacia incense

This incense is indicated to be used in the face of uncertainty in the relationship or doubts about the partner’s intentions.

Ideally, you invite your partner to talk and light this incense before he arrives so that the aroma is present during the conversation.

Acacia incense has properties that will increase your intuition and you will know your partner’s true intentions.

lady of the night incense

This incense is great to conquer the loved one. The procedure is the same as before: invite your crush to your house and light the incense before he arrives.

The aroma of the lady of the night will fill the room with sensuality and good energy.

opium incense

To make your relationship more harmonious, bet on opium incense. He brings good energies, harmony and passion to the relationship.

sandalwood incense

This is considered the best incense to attract love and improve sex between the couple. Use and abuse this fragrance, whether to conquer the desired person or to bring your partner closer when he seems distant.

musk incense

If you want to have an unforgettable night of love with your partner, light the musk incense before going to the bedroom. He will fill all the spaces of the environment with sensuality and horny.

Sympathy to start a relationship


  • Piece of paper;
  • Pen;
  • Match box;
  • Myrrh incense.

How to make

Using the pen, write a poem with your words on the piece of paper. But attention: the poem needs to be a happy story that you would like to live.

Then place the paper inside the empty matchbox. Next to it, light the myrrh incense.

Watch the incense burn until the end. Then place the ashes inside the matchbox, along with the paper.

Afterwards, store the box inside your underwear drawer for two days. On the third day, throw the box with the paper and ashes in the trash.

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