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Get to know a prayer by Bezerra de Menezes and cure yourself of all evil – Blog

Bezerra de Menezes was a doctor from Rio de Janeiro who became involved with the Spiritism. He is considered the Brazilian Allan Kardec. When you or someone close to you is sick, you can make a Prayer of Bezerra de Menezes and feel the healing power reach the sick.

Formulate your prayer to Bezerra de Menezes with your heart.

Discover the power of prayer by Bezerra de Menezes

We beg You, Father of Infinite Goodness and Justice, the graces of Jesus Christ, through Bezerra de Menezes and his legions of companions.

May they assist us, Lord, consoling the afflicted, healing those who become worthy, comforting those who have their trials and atonements to pass, clarifying those who wish to know the Truth and assisting all who appeal to Your Infinite Love.

Jesus, Divine Bearer of Grace and Truth, extend Your giving hands to the aid of those who recognize You as the Faithful and Prudent Steward; do it, Divine Model, through Your consoling legions, of Your Holy Spirits, so that Faith rises, Hope increases, Kindness expands and Love triumphs over all things.

Bezerra de Menezes, Apostle of Good and Peace, friend of the humble and the sick, move your friendly phalanges for the benefit of those who suffer, whether physical or spiritual ills. Holy Spirits, worthy workers of the Lord, pour out graces and healings on suffering humanity, so that creatures become friends of Peace and Knowledge, Harmony and Forgiveness, sowing the Divine Examples of Jesus Christ throughout the world. So be it!

Prayer of Bezerra de Menezes: pray with a glass of water.

You can also do a simple ritual of healing so that the doctor cures her of any illness. For this, she writes on a paper all her anguish and afflictions. Say the Bezerra de Menezes prayer and then fill a glass with water and leave it on your bedside table. Make the following order:

That the medical stream of Dr. Bezerra de Menezes put in this water the medicine necessary for the balance of my body and soul”.

When you wake up, take three sips of water and spend the rest where you are sick. For example, if your problem is breathing, go where your lung is; if it’s in the head, go where it hurts, and so on.

do this Prayer of Bezerra de Menezes with great faith and also take the opportunity to read more about other contents about Spiritism that we have prepared:

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