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Gen Z is being replaced by Gen Alpha (and why it’s worth knowing about)

As soon as we get used to the so-called generation Z and it is already being replaced by a new one. Those born after 2010 are already part of the alpha (A) generation. This name was given to emphasize that the old chronology of generations (X, Y and Z) has been reset and humanity is starting from scratch, from a new alphabet.

Shaped by a never-before-imagined use of technology, these children’s intellects are like no other and even demographers don’t understand how they will grow up and what their life values ​​will be. It is possible that they will grow up in the Age of artificial intelligence. What we do know is that, for now, it is too early to draw concrete conclusions. We can, however, identify some of the characteristic traits of this new generation.

We, from incredible.club, we were curious about the characteristics and peculiarities of alpha children. After reading a lot of information on the subject, we understand that they are possibly the most revolutionary children in human history. See why!

1. The alpha generation places more value on personalization and the individual approach

Each generation has its own characteristics. Demographers believe that millennials (also known as generation Y) are characterized by self-centeredness and even excessive narcissism. Generation Z, in turn, is designated by the word “tolerance”. As for alphas, their first contact with technology begins earlier than in any other generation; therefore, they learn about the virtual world from a very young age: they learn about YouTube even before learning to read and write.

It is not surprising that such children already have the power to choose what is best for them to watch on the Internet. In this way, greater importance is given to freedom of choice and customization. Young generation individuals know that everyone has a personal social media account from which they can create a private feed, according to your preferences. They are used to the fact that an intelligent algorithm is able to create a list of cartoons and songs based on previously viewed content.

In addition, we cannot forget about the fact that 90% of modern children already know how to use tablets by the age of 2, and one in 5 already has their own electronic device by the age of 3-4. Therefore, we can safely say that such children, as adults, will live in a very different world designed especially to meet their needs.

2. There is no clear division between the real world and the virtual world

For children born in the Digital Age, the virtual and real worlds are almost the same. They move freely from one to the other. because they are used to the fact that the digital image is more and more similar to the real image🇧🇷 Today’s kids don’t see much difference in receiving information — be it online or real. That is, virtual reality is no less important to them and, therefore, generation A is not very concerned about appearing better on screens than in real life.

Many of these children already have their vlogs from a very early age and share everyday events with different people around the world. But they don’t try to “beautify” life too much, so naturalness and spontaneity are more exalted. The blogger Pat04Chek, for example, whose content is aimed at children, posts videos daily about his life and mocks the most banal things in his day to day. For alpha children, it is important to share not only the moments of joy, but also those of doubts, worries and uncertainties.

3. Alpha Kids Are Creating a Whole New Type of Content

A recent study showed that children’s videos are at the top of all rankings. Of course the “children’s internet” produces a very specific content: streaming, awards, challenges, etc.🇧🇷 The alpha generation not only invents new formats, but transforms existing ones. And so, videos with contributions from other bloggers get 3 times more views than any other. A clear example of this: the video baby shark it went viral like no other and got billions of views on YouTube.

Another very popular content is called unboxing, which is nothing more than the act of taking products out of their packaging. In this case, it’s about unpacking toys. The richest YouTuber in the world was a 7-year-old boy named Ryan, who became famous for his reviews of children’s toys. He even earned the equivalent of 109 million reais in one year.

Following the list of children’s creators, we cannot fail to mention Nastia Radzinskaya, who earned the equivalent of 75 million reais in one year, in addition to having 103 million subscribers on her channels and more than 40 billion views in total, which makes her the biggest child youtuber on the planet. On her blog, Nastia shares events from her daily life: how she plays, studies, goes to the park, recites poems and tells stories with her father.

Maybe these videos are so successful because children aren’t as constrained by social standards as adults and thus show their emotions more naturally. Interestingly, modern apps like the TikTok platform allow users to create content from an early age without the need for special equipment or specific knowledge.

4. Alpha children have better relationships with their parents

Today, the principle of “conscious parenting” is increasingly popular among adults. We are talking about the idea of ​​parents feeling a great responsibility for their children’s future — in the sense of being present — and therefore spending as much time as possible with them. According to the newspaper New York Times, today’s parents spend about 3 times more time with their children than they did in the 1970s, for example. They are also less strict and seek to resolve possible conflicts with their children through dialogue. In addition, as many children learn quickly about the digital environment, many parents end up asking their little ones for help, which inevitably becomes another form of communication and interaction. This has a very positive impact on the parent-child relationship.

Alpha children also have a lot in common with their parents in that they exhibit similar preferences.🇧🇷 They play electronic games together and create blogs, for example. Young parents aren’t afraid to give their children a voice when they themselves don’t feel competent enough to talk about a certain subject. This ends up leveling the gap between generations a little, thus eliminating the dominance-subordination relationship. Studies show that joint family habits of interest in certain digital content are a feature of modern education.

5. Have high moral standards and recognize falsehood from afar

The alpha generation values ​​a “transparent” world, without filters or falsehoods. Reputation occupies an important place in their world🇧🇷 If someone close to them lies or isn’t entirely truthful, they’ll feel it keenly and won’t forgive anytime soon. The world of social networks is becoming more and more authentic, as it becomes more difficult to hide behind masks and filters; one hour, the truth will come out. Some schools have even implemented special classes on how to distinguish facts from facts. fake news🇧🇷

Modern children have quite high moral standards. Since they were little, they learn that they need to take care of the Environment and fight against the extinction of animals. They know how important garbage recycling and conscientious resource consumption are. Therefore, they try to follow these expectations from an early age, as well as make sure that the people around them are doing the same.

6. Can’t concentrate for long

The younger generation has serious problems concentrating for long periods of time. As they “consume” information for about 10 hours a day, it’s important to have a mental break. In the alpha world, image is more valuable than text and the average attention time per post is up to 1 second. That time for Gen Z was about 8 seconds.

Nowadays, “one second” is the time needed for a person to decide whether that content is interesting to them or not.🇧🇷 Thanks to this, alpha children are rapidly developing a critical sense: they simply don’t have time to spend on things that are unimportant or not attractive enough.

7. About 40% of children will not attend higher education

According to some forecasts, 67 professions will disappear from the world by 2030. Yes, there will be new professions, but nobody knows for sure what they will be. The world is changing so fast that we cannot determine exactly what will be important to study to stay current. Apparently, the alpha generation will have to intuitively guess what skills will be needed in the future to be successful professionally.🇧🇷 In such conditions of constant transformation, it seems, at the very least, “strange” to spend 5 years studying to obtain a higher education diploma that will not have the same value as it does today.

The new generation will have to constantly acquire new skills or even change jobs because their income will depend on their ability to quickly adapt to the prevailing situation. Some predictions show that a child of the alpha generation will change professions at least 5 times, as well as go through about 20 different companies throughout his life. Experts believe that the new generation will be fully educated through self-learning.

In addition, remote work will become more and more recurrent. Today, in the United States, for example, one third of workers are freelancersand by 2025, predictions indicate that half of workers in the western world will work without strict association with any particular company.

8. Alpha people will live long. Maybe even 100 years

Since medicine is developing very quickly and the quality of life is improving every year, children born today can live well up to 100 years or even more. For example, experts from the Max Planck Society for Demographic Research estimate that one in three girls born this year in Germany will celebrate their 100th birthday🇧🇷

And, in general, children born in developed countries should be part of the healthiest and longest-lived generation in history. That is why it is so important today to exercise and take care of your body in order to live for many years.

9. They will have to develop emotional intelligence

Today, more and more scientists speak…

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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