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Discover Caraíva, the place with the most starry sky in Brazil

The beaches of Bahia are practically unanimous when it comes to a paradisiacal coastline. But Caraíva, a coastal and riverside community located in Porto Seguro, makes you fall in love before you’ve even gone. There are only a thousand inhabitants, crystal clear waters protected by reefs and perfect for sailing and diving.

That’s why the awesome.club managed to gather the best attractions of the village through the photos shared by tourists who leave there delighted and wishing to return. Check it out!

getting to know Caraíva

Leaving Porto Seguro (map above) by car, it takes about two hours to head south. On site, walks lead to semi-deserted beaches such as Satu, with freshwater lagoons, and Barra Velha, where the Pataxós Indian village is located. On the other hand, the long beach that gives the village its name has guaranteed movement due to the bars and reefs, which attract divers.

The Caraíva River, which flows into the sea in the region, forms a beautiful landscape with the right to dips in the fresh and salt waters – there are also beach kiosks there.

1. Due to the lack of tall buildings and enterprises, the coastal community has the most starry sky in Brazil

2. In addition to being an area of ​​environmental preservation, electricity only arrived in 2007

3. But now, due to the high demand, it already has a cell phone signal, Internet and luxury inns

4. Another factor that gives the village its charm is the lack of cars on the streets.

5. Which are made of sand

6. Walking around the city you will find several cute and colorful houses

7. The main beach has about two kilometers of soft sand and sea with shades ranging from green to blue

8. The pace there is different and time seems to go slower

9. Unlike most cities on the coast, there the restaurants and even the buzz are not on the beach, but on the Riversidethe little street that borders the river

10. It is also where the bars and forrós are located, which are popular at night among tourists in the season. But even at other times, there is always someone distributing an advertisement for some event or luau.

So, what did you think of this little place? A grace, isn’t it? 🇧🇷

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