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Crafts and decorations for Christmas 2014

With the arrival of cold winter, the desire to go outside is reduced and we can take advantage of our free time to decorate the house for Christmas 2014. decorate the house for Christmas 2014.

It is best to opt for a simple and sober decoration, there is no need to overload our house with balls, garlands or extravagant lights, remember that less is more and that minimalism is in fashion.

To give a Christmas spirit to our interior, it is not necessary to buy the latest in decornor spend much.

With ingenious, economical and simple ideas you can make crafts and decorations for Christmas 2014

and, also, take the opportunity to spend a pleasant time with your family:

-Crafts and decorations balls for the Christmas tree 2014:

You don't have to buy new balls to renew the ones. decorations for your Christmas tree 2014. Next We give you the keys to create two different and original types of balls that you can make yourself.

Photo: modpodgerocksblog.com

To create these balls you need as many lids as there are balls you want to create, decorative ribbon to decorate gifts, ropes or bows you have, liquid glue, silicone and any extra buttons, beads or beads.

1. The first step is to make sure the lids are clean, the next is to cut the ribbon, rope or whatever you have to hang the lid. ball to the tree, Remember that gold and silver are very fashionable.

2. Next, surround the lid with the decorative tape to cover its imperfections.

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3. Now decorate the lid to your liking with buttons or rhinestones, whatever you think is appropriate, and stick them with silicone or glue.

4. Finally, let them dry for a few hours and they will be ready to give your tree a touch of shine.

Photo: discover0.com

To create this second model balls for him Christmas tree 2014, you will only need some straws, metallic color spray to make them stand out on your tree and some clips.

1. Cut the straws to the length you think is appropriate, all to the same size.

2. Group between 20-25 and join them with the clip so that they do not come loose.

3. Next, open the ends with your hands and shape them into a star shape.

4. Finally, apply the metallic spray and let them dry.

-Crafts and decorations for -Crafts and decorationsdecorate your table for Christmas 2014:

The table is one of the most important elements when it comes to Christmas decoration. A good host has to have a centerpiece that matches the circumstances. For this occasion we will recommend two types of crafts with which to create a modern and sophisticated Christmas table.

Photos: uudenkuunemilia.blogspot.com | budgetwisehome.com

The materials you must have to create the first center are a plate, pine cones, candles and artificial moss:

1. If you don't like the plate or it clashes with the rest of your decoration, you have the option of painting it.

2. Place the base moss on the bottom of the plate and to give it a touch of luminosity, spread glitter or glitter on the plate.

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3. Finally, add stars or colored ribbons that you have around the house to the candles to give them a touch of color. This one uses white and silver but you can choose the colors that best suit you.

To make the second model of christmas centerpiece will needyes about four five dry pine cones, paints or sprays and glitter to create this first option:

1. Paint the pinecones red, gold or silver

2. Apply the glitter to the edges of the pineapple for a shiny touch.

3. Let them dry and place them inside a centerpiece.

-Other crafts and decorations for decorate your house for Christmas 2014:

If what you want this year for Decorating your house for Christmas is an elegant, functional and surprising result, your best option is Christmas vinyl. Christmas vinyls. You can buy them at any craft store or even online at a fairly affordable price. The best thing is that when you remove them to reuse them in other years, they will barely take up any space.

On the market you have many models to choose from and to complete this decoration you can add some colored lights that give the festive tone we are looking for. Here we leave you some ideas.

Photo: brownpaper–packages.com | etsy.com

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