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Gain firmness and eight other benefits of not wearing a bra that you didn't know about

In 1914, New Yorker Mary Phelps Jacob patented a shirt that held the breasts in place with laces, known today as a bra. The garment, considered the predecessor of bras, became popular thanks to its diffusion in cinema, but the truth is that, throughout history, women have been using different types of garments and mechanisms to hold, perform or constrain. her breasts, depending on the fashion of the time.

Currently, a large part of The female population uses bras in their daily lives., but there are many women who agree that when they get home it is a real pleasure to get rid of this garment. Even if it is a quality bra it can cause discomfort or some other pinching or rubbing. That is why some women decide to cut corners and face the days without a bra, an action that has various benefits.

Comfort, an important point

Avoiding wearing a bra for hours can greatly help you reach the end of the day more comfortably and without the need to get home to have to get rid of the bra. Some women may be worried about not looking good without a garment that has often accompanied them since adolescence. To avoid this, they can wear clothes that have a built-in top, which allows them to access the benefits of leaving the bra at home.

The bra does not provide any benefit

Another reason for not wearing a bra is the lack of benefits from wearing it. There is no evidence that this garment provides any type of health benefit. It also does not improve the aesthetics of the breasts, in fact, it performs the opposite role.

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Many people have the misconception that wearing a bra will make the breasts look less saggy after a few years. And wearing a bra for years contributes to the breast tissues weakening and, as the person ages, becoming more flaccid than they should be.

Improves circulation

Everyone knows how important good blood circulation is for health. A tight bra can hinder circulation, especially venous circulation, and therefore affect your health. When you get rid of the bra, you can see for yourself that circulation is flowing better, something that your organs will appreciate, from the heart to the skin, which will look firmer and healthier.

Higher nipples

Women who do not wear a bra have nipples on average between five and seven millimeters higher than those who wear this garment. Some girls even suffer from irritation and sensitivity to the touch in their breasts, in many cases caused by wearing the bra for long periods of time. It can also occur because some women's nipples react negatively to the fabric of some bras.

Don't wear a bra to sleep

In addition to the fact that it can make it difficult to sleep due to the discomfort it usually produces, some research suggests that wearing a bra for so many hours can increase the possibility of developing breast cancer.

As a study points out, women who suffered from breast cancer wore this garment for more than twelve hours a day and even slept in it. However, other research reveals that there is no evidence that wearing a bra increases the risk of cancer. Regardless of the number of hours it is worn.

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Get to know your breasts better

Having your breasts covered under several layers of clothing and pressed by a bra may make you give them less importance and not pay them the necessary attention. If, on the other hand, you keep them free, it is easier to notice them and it may help improve your relationship with them. And carrying out a self-examination every so often helps to detect any tumor in time, which contributes enormously to reducing mortality from breast cancer.

Appearance of breast fungus

Wearing a bra for hours can create a humid and warm ecosystem, a paradise for fungal proliferation. Living in a place with heat and humidity, having a prominent bust or wearing a poorly fitting bra can facilitate the appearance of this type of fungus. Letting the skin breathe is positive to avoid irritations or fungi of this type.

You save money

Another argument in favor of dispensing with this garment is economic. And bras of a certain quality tend to be expensive items. It may not be as decisive a reason as those related to health, but it should certainly also be taken into account.

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