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This is how you should wash towels and bathrobes to avoid musty smells and keep them soft.

After showering, we allow ourselves to be enveloped in the embrace of a soft and fragrant bathrobe. What better way than this to end a long day of work? And yet, if there is something that can ruin this magical moment, it is a hard, scratchy and smelly bathrobe.

The reason that the towels and the bathrobes smell bad it could be the humidity. Especially in autumn and winter, drying clothes properly is difficult, but luckily there are some simple tricks that we can use.

Today we want to suggest how to wash towels and bathrobes and keep them soft and scented for weeks with 5 simple and little-known natural remedies.

If we put the towels in the closet when they are not yet perfectly dry, they will smell musty. Furthermore, if the environment in which we have left them to dry is poorly ventilated, they may smell bad.

On the other hand, if the towels and bathrobes are hard after the washed, it could be for 2 reasons. The first could be due to the amount of detergent we use to wash them. If we use too much detergent, it stays between the fibers of the fabric and hardens them.

The second reason could be the hardness of the water. If the water is rich in lime, lime deposits will get between the fibers of bathrobes and towels and harden them. However, we can use some simple tricks from our grandmothers to soften them.

First of all, let's start with the washed. As already mentioned, we should not use excessive amounts of detergent, as it would not be removed during washing. It will settle between the fibers of the clothing and harden them.

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In addition, the spin cycle has a very important function. If we set it to at least 800 rpm, the spin cycle will leave little excess water in the clothes and, therefore, they will evaporate faster. This will help the clothes remain scented and moisture-free.

Finally, we will choose to wash towels and bathrobes separately from the rest of the clothes. This way we can obtain a better result.

We can use 4 natural ingredients to keep our clothes soft and scented. Baking soda is an excellent anti-odor agent, so adding 2 tablespoons directly into the drum will prevent your clothes from smelling.

White vinegar, on the other hand, is an ingredient that we can add to the washing machine instead of fabric softener. This will soften the fibers and eliminate bad odors.

Salt absorbs moisture and helps remove detergent residue from clothing fibers. Adding it to the drum may help.

Finally, adding essential oils along with the detergent will help give our clothes a great aroma. We recommend lavender, but you can choose any scent you like.

We will try to hang the bathrobes and towels immediately after washing them. This will prevent water in the fabric fibers from causing unpleasant odors.

Finally, we can use scented bags and place them between the towels. We can prepare them with essential oils in a cotton bag, or with citrus peels, bay leaves or dried flowers.

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