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Carnival phrases (#partiufolia)

One month until Carnival and I’m already dressed as the love of your life.

Stop posting that “Carnival promises”. Your mother won’t even let you out.

The time is coming when true love ends and returns at the end of Carnival

Now run after a job like you ran after blocks.

I got over it until I see it again.

I only have one question regarding this upcoming Carnival: which pajamas will I wear?

The sign I want to see at Carnival is “3 brass for 10 reais”.

Do you know what my mother is going to dress up in this Carnival? From your mother-in-law.

If only ashes remained on Wednesday, it’s because at Carnival we send embers.

Jealousy is not proof of love, proof of love is giving a ticket to spend Carnival in Bahia in a Luxury Hotel.

If the only thing that man is certain of is death, the only certainty of the Brazilian is Carnival next year.

Graciliano Ramos

After Carnival comes the blocks: “Volta pra mim” and “Unidos para achei o pai.”

Carnival coming and the ” I love you ” turning ” we’re not working out”.

I’ve already decided, I’m going to jump on Carnival, I just don’t know which bed.

What happens at Carnival, dies at Carnival.

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