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Ovulation pain: what is it and how to treat this discomfort that affects women

The menstrual cycle is a time of the month that affects the female organism. One of the phases of this period is ovulation, when the body prepares for reproduction. This phase usually occurs in the middle of the cycle, and that’s when many women start to feel the so-called ovulation pain, also known as middle pain, precisely for the period in which it happens.

This pain, located under the belly, is accompanied by other symptoms and can last between 1 and 2 days, but the treatment is very simple. To help identify and know how to treat, we talked to Dr. Lívia Vieira (CRM 141048), who is a gynecologist and obstetrician, and clarified some doubts.

Ovulation pain: causes

According to Dr. Livia, the causes of this pain are unknown: “We still do not know for sure what causes ovulation pain, but it is assumed that it is due to the rupture of the egg from the ovary towards the fallopian tube, this releases a little fluid and blood in the abdominal cavity and can be irritating to some women.”

To recognize this period, keep an eye on the date of your period and the onset of pain to see if your symptoms fit in with the time of ovulation.

Ovulation pain: frequently asked questions

Pain during ovulation is accompanied by other symptoms. Learn how to identify!

What are the symptoms of ovulation?

According to Dr. Livia, the main symptom of ovulation is the release of a secretion similar to egg white, in addition to a small increase in body temperature, but some women may have some more symptoms.

“Some women have this discomfort that we call Painful Ovulation Syndrome (Mittelschmerz Syndrome) and they may experience cramping, pulling or tugging on one side or the other of the abdomen, this will depend on which side the woman is ovulating,” she adds. the doctor.

How long can ovulation pain last?

Ovulation pain lasts around 1 or 2 days, but according to Dr. Livia, if the pain is intense or lasts longer, it is necessary to undergo a medical evaluation to investigate other diseases, such as endometriosis or ovarian cysts.

Could Ovarian Pain Be Pregnancy?

Dr. Livia clarifies that ovulation pain is not a sign that a woman is pregnant: “Pain in the middle of the cycle cannot be confused with pregnancy, since pregnancy will begin to show symptoms of cramps or pelvic discomfort after a menstrual delay.

What does right or left side ovulation pain mean?

The pain can be felt on both the left and right sides, as we have one ovary on each side of the pelvis and each ovulates one month. “Only in some cases it may happen that both sides ovulate together, which happens in case of twin pregnancies, but this is very rare”, explains Dr. Livia.

Pain at ovulation is normal and part of the complex female body, even so, be sure to seek medical help if it helps you feel more comfortable.

Ovulation pain: treatments

Perhaps the question that most echoes in the minds of women is what to do to get rid of this nuisance that knocks on the door every month. Fortunately, this discomfort can improve with some simple care.

  • rest
  • Hot water bag
  • Analgesics, only if the discomfort is great

It is very important to know your own body, understand and respect each phase to lead a more peaceful life!

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