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Caramel locks: the best inspirations and tutorials to adopt the color

Caramel locks have constantly appeared in the media, especially on social media, among models, celebrities and influencers. The style has also become a fever on the streets, and it’s no wonder: the shine of the caramel locks is simply passionate.

They offer a light to both your hair and the look as a whole, giving a touch of tan and naturalness! Want to get inspired and join this trend? Come with us:

35 caramel highlights inspirations to enter this trend

Do you want to jump into this caramel trend? We know. With that in mind, we’ve separated beautiful caramel highlights ideas to inspire you:

1. Caramel locks will surprise you in their cuteness and practicality

2. They look perfect on any hair length

3. From the shortest to the longest

4. And the intensity of the locks can also vary

5. As well as your hair type

6. You can choose to create a gradient from caramel to blonde

7. Making the locks on the front results in an unparalleled charm

8. Bet on a lighter tone on the ends too

9. The locks will hug your hair in an incredible way

10. Although the application is more discreet

11. Curly hair is perfect with this touch of light

12. Caramel highlights brighten any skin tone

13. Conveying a passionate natural bronze look

14. If your hair is natural brown, the locks are even more beautiful

15. And if your tone is darker, a sober caramel produces a wonderful effect

16. And this effect is a luxury on naturally curly hair

17. It is possible to make the locks only at the ends

18. And in the intensity you want

19. The important thing is to always feel good about yourself

20. Caramel highlights in short hair? It’s more than allowed

21. The practicality of the short only highlights the best in color

22. And speaking of practicality, subtle caramel lights you up even at night

23. Present in your wires like someone who doesn’t want anything…

24. …it will light you up at all times and with all looks

25. You will get lost in this amazing color

26. Regardless of how you choose to use caramel

27. And the color or size of your hair

28. It’s a great idea to renew the look

29. Gain a more youthful and hip look

30. And get even more powerful!

31. Color won the minds of influencers

32. And the models too

33. But the makeover can look pretty on you!

34. And it is necessary to take care of the wires after the transformation

35. Ensuring a unique color and unparalleled shine!

A good tip to maintain the shine and softness of your hair is to adopt a hair schedule. With that, your locks will always look beautiful!

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How to make caramel highlights

Caramel locks are very simple to make and can be made at home without any difficulties. Want to know how? We separate 5 tutorials to help you:

caramel highlights at home

Caramel highlights are easy to make, but it takes time and care, just like any type of dye. The channel Segredo de Irmã did the whole process at home and told everything in this video, come see!

Caramel highlights to brighten the highlights

It is a fact that caramel highlights also serve to make your entire look even brighter and illuminated. For this, expert Kaká Santos made a detailed video about caramel highlights and how they make your look intensely beautiful.

Caramel highlights in curly and curly hair

Want to learn how to make caramel highlights on someone with curly or frizzy hair? This video is perfect! Take all the tips to escape the marked effect.

naturally lit hair

One of the main advantages of caramel highlights is the natural light that your hair will gain. Especially if your natural shade is between black and brown, you will fall in love with the caramel effect.

Caramel locks are shiny, bright and beautiful, and easy to make. However, if you have doubts, remember to look for a hairdresser or visagista you trust. In the end, the most important thing is to always feel beautiful and good about yourself!

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