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Babyliss: step by step and tricks to make curls last longer

Have you ever thought about curls that last for up to 3 days without using the fixing spray? With the following tutorial and tips, you can achieve the desired natural effect on curls in a practical way that lasts a long time!

Curls are lovely and many women who originally have straight hair love to do them, both for everyday use and for special occasions. Most use the curling iron to curl the hair, but sometimes they end up not lasting long or have an artificial effect due to the use of the setting spray.

Check out the tutorial by youtuber Jessica Belcost on how to curly curls and see some tips to preserve curls. With new techniques, however, it is possible to make curls look genuine and last much longer.

how to make babyliss

1. To facilitate and make your curls symmetrical, use your right hand to make the left side of the hair and vice versa.

2. Hold the curling iron with the tip down and wrap a strand tightly around the device

3. Leave it for approximately 10 seconds

4. For the bangs, leave the strands for less time, about 5 seconds

5. After the hair has cooled, run your hands through the locks for a more natural effect.

Very practical, isn’t it? Following this step-by-step guide, your curls will look natural and will last for days.

3 tips to make your babyliss last longer

Jessica also gives some tips to keep your curls preserved for a long time without using the setting spray, which often ends up leaving your hair dry and unnatural. Check out:

  1. The secret for the curls to last a long time is to leave the locks longer in the curling iron. Jessica recommends leaving it on for approximately 10 seconds, but remember that the temperature and power is different for each device, so be careful not to damage your wires. As the curls stay longer in the curling iron, they end up curled and last longer without needing the fixing spray.
  2. Leave the curls to release when they are cool. After curling the strands, you can take care of other tasks, such as makeup and letting your hair down only when you are leaving the house. If you run your hand through your hair while it’s still warm, the curls will fall apart, so wait for them to cool before you release them, so you keep them longer.
  3. And to keep them overnight, the tip is to sleep with your hair in a tight bun, so it stays curled.

As you’ve seen, it’s not difficult at all and you can do it yourself. Remember that hair strands are varied and each type may have a specific time to curl.

If you have any questions, you can check out Jessica’s tutorial and tips in full by watching the video:

The wavy effect is an alternative for everyday life, and also a killer option for parties and special events. For your next hairstyle, how about using these tips?

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