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Spiritual Egg Cleansing: Learn How To Read the Meaning

Spiritual Egg Cleansing

Today I am going to explain to you how to perform a Spiritual Egg Cleansing to open all doors in your life, bring new opportunities and get rid of bad luck. Take note of everything because this energetic and spiritual cleanse with egg can change your life and the direction of your luck, prosperity and paths. In addition, I will tell ...

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Magick Spells with Shoes for Love and Control 👞

One of the distinguishing characteristics of African spells in America is the belief that one can influence and dominate a person through their feet, causing them all sorts of misfortunes. In this article, you will learn how to cast the traditional spell of the shoe to dominate, also known as the spell of the paper in the shoe. We’ll also ...

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Spiritual Cleansing Of The House

Spiritual cleansing the home

I am going to explain to you how to do a spiritual cleansing in a house and to change in this way 180 degrees the energy flow of it. Spiritual Cleansing of the House The passage of time, the transit of our family and friends, the negative charge due to our daily concerns and other reasons (from the existence of ...

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10 Love Binding Spells That Work

Love Binding Spells

Let’s see the 10 best love binding spells that are free, effective and you can safely cast at home. With these powerful love spells, you can get anything you want from your partner or a potential lover, and achieve a lasting and happy relationship. Love Binding Spells Spell to Find the Right Person Goal: Get you to focus your energies, ...

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Spells To Make Him Call You On the Phone

Spell to make him call you

Have you ever wanted someone to call you on the phone? Here are some simple magic spells and rituals for you to make someone call you now, be it a man or a woman. The first of these spells I found while searching for spells to get him to call me on the phone in modern books of shadows. The ...

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How to Cast a Ritual Circle for Protection


During every spell casting ritual, you should be casting a magic or protection circle to define what your own sacred space will be, and within which you will perform the ritual. In addition, creating this sacred space will serve as a means of keeping the energies that we will generate and work with during the execution of the ritual. This ...

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What Do I Need To Cast Spells? Witchcraft Tools

Witchcraft tools for spellcasting

In order to start working with White Magic we need a set of tools that will help us channel and direct our energies. These tools will always represent either the God or the Goddess. Now let’s go through each of them and learn what they are used for. Witchcraft Tools Athame The Athame is a double-edged knife, it could even ...

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Candle Magic: Introduction, Spells & Color Guide

Candle magic

Candles often have a mystical meaning beyond their function to light. In fact since past times have been used as the main element in innumerable spells and types of magical practice, including Pagan, Wicca, Satanists and also Christians. Many of the practitioners of magic have their own points of view and concepts about candles and have shaped them into different guides, ...

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What Is White Magic?

What is White Magic?

Used since ancient times, White Magic was performed by sorcerers and witches endowed with great powers to practice this type of magic and thus overcome any evil that might come. It is considered that white magic or white witchcraft could positively benefit anyone to whom it was addressed. So, what is White Magic? What is White Magic? When people talk ...

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