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How to Make a Voodoo Doll Easily at Home

How to Make a Voodoo Doll

In this article, we will learn how to make a voodoo doll that actually works. Voodoo dolls are an important part of many religious traditions around the world and are still widely used in different religious ceremonies. It is believed that they work as a channel of communication with the deities, through which we can urge them to exercise their ...

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Easy Wiccan Spell To Make Him Think Of You

Wiccan Spells to Make Him Think of Me

Today we will see a series of Wiccan spells to keep you on his mind all the time. Of course, we are talking about your crush, that person whom you wish to attract (it could be a guy or a girl) and make them think only of you. These spells have worked really well for me and that is why ...

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How To Cast A Binding Love Spell With A Picture

Easy Love Spells with Pictures

These ancient spells has been handed down over the centuries and has proved to be some of the most effective witchcraft spells you can find to make anyone fall deeply in love with you. If you have been wondering how to make a binding love spell with a picture, then read on and you will be surprised by how easy ...

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Can Black Magic Kill Someone? Are There Any Death Spells?

Can black magic kill a person

Is it possible to use black magic spells to kill an enemy? The term “Black magic” refers to casting magical spells that use the power of evil forces. The use of black magic has many destructive consequences and can cause unnatural effects in the atmosphere and universe. Can Black Magic Kill a Person? Experts in black magic are very powerful people ...

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Powerful Spells To Make Him Come Back

Spells to make him come back

Powerful spells to make him come back. Some of you may be wanting an ex-partner to come back to you, or to bring back that flame of love again, the one you once had in your relationship. There are some come back to me spells that work, for your loved one to return home to you. Powerful Spells To Make ...

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Spells in Latin: Rituals for the Ancient Gods

Spells in Latin

The word Magic itself comes from the Latin magica that, in turn, goes back to a Greek word. It is the art of handling nature’s own power with the intention of producing results that are beyond the logic of natural laws, hence “supernatural”. This kind of art and practice uses words, spells and various ritual acts and elements. The world of ...

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Lemon Spells for Love and Health

Lemon spells for love and health

Did you know that the spiritual powers of lemon can be used to cast spells of white magic? In this article, we will learn how to cast a love spell with lemon to make someone love you. One case would be to bring someone back. The relationship is over, but you still want to be with your partner. These love spells ...

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Salt Bath To Remove Bad Luck And Negative Energy

Salt bath to remove bad luck

What Can I Bathe With To Remove Bad Luck? In some cultures, salt has been called “The Tears of God.” And with good reason, since it is one of the purest substances on the planet. On a spiritual level, negativity cannot adhere to salt, which makes it ideal for cleansing yourself, your home and environment. Today we will talk about ...

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