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A hug is a love poem written on the skin

A hug is a love poem written on your skin that breaks all your fears and isolates all your sorrows. It may seem like a small gesture (sometimes even compromised), but in any case it has great healing power on an emotional level.

Generally A hug helps us reaffirm our feelings and nourish our relationships.making us feel wanted and loved in our most vital space while cultivating our ability to stay afloat and overcome our vertigo every day.

And loving and being loved is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us. To have this certainty, it is enough for us to consider how what we feel through a hug opens up a range of sweetly blinding emotions.

There are hugs that put us back together

There are hugs that have the ability to assemble all our broken parts, those that one day broke when events cracked us and annulled our soul. And we are never the same when we have to say goodbye, whether to another person or to a part of ourselves.

After goodbyes and breakups, we have to meet again, outline our priorities again, revive a part that remains dead and rethread the needles that lead us along the path of the “red thread of our destiny.”

That’s why when our castle has collapsed and our life falls apart, hugs compose melodies that show us that everything is fine and that the world will remain calm if we let the notes of love become sweet hugs filled with moments of silence.

Hugs are moments that invite us to be part of a dream come true.

Hugs are made up of moments in which Happiness finds us in the form of a person, of comforting warmth. Because a hug is sometimes much more important than words, as it has the ability to rejuvenate our dreams and our motivation for life.

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The poems we are talking about that are not written directly on the skin, but are tattooed inside with the ink of all those hormones that strengthen our bonds, that make our hearts pump blood, that fill us with purity, love and of comfort.

And even more so when we are under a lot of stress or life’s difficulties are weakening our desire and the strength we need to take on the world and fill our days with glimpses of happiness.

The doses of affection, the cause of our addiction

The well-being we feel when we are “victims” of a hug makes us always want more. and that we hope to see them arrive in those moments when we need them most. That is, get high, get a magical shot of life and affection that makes us draw beyond the uncertainty and suffering a window through which we can take in fresh air and revitalize the body and mind.

And it is that There are people and people, but then there are our PEOPLE. So, in capital letters. Those who will always be synonymous with home, who open their medicine cabinets as soon as they anticipate the wound, who take out gauze and plasters everywhere and who do not skimp on painkillers.

That is why we so admire our ability to give hugs, because it is an incredible way to connect, to join forces to win any battle and to help us cope with what is coming.

Because Hugs when they are sincere mark something more than temporary feelings. They rebuild and heal lifelong wounds, blur the cold and condense the heat of love that exists between two people who love each other and who will always be willing to join their hearts and hold on to life.

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