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9 Fashion Designers Who Did the Impossible to Make Celebrities Comfortable and Safe

Whether for a red carpet event or for a movie, celebrities are often forced to face uncomfortable or very tight clothes, but which create a beautiful silhouette. In other cases, it is difficult to find pieces that adapt to the shape of a certain celebrity. There is no doubt that the job of fashion designers and costume designers is not an easy one, and we always admire professionals who put themselves in the customers’ shoes and always value the comfort of those who are going to wear that outfit.

In this article, the awesome.club brings a list of 10 fashion designers who put the comfort of their famous clients first, creating pieces that made celebrities as comfortable as possible.

1. Emma Watson

For the live-action Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson was determined to represent Belle as an “energetic heroine”, leaving a little aside the delicate princess with which the public was used. The person in charge of making the work possible was Jacqueline Durran, who avoided using bodices in the costumes. Thus, both Emma and her character could move freely.

She even replaced the thin ballet slippers with stronger boots that allowed Beauty to perform different types of activities. In addition, the actress wore a kind of bombacha under her skirt, similar to pants.

2. Scarlett Johansson

At first, the protagonist’s uniform seemed very tight, giving the impression of restricting movement. Therefore, the costume designer for the Black Widow film, Jany Temime, decided to make some adjustments to the clothes so that the actress would not have problems of this nature. To begin with, she adapted the costume to Scarlett’s body and used a rubberized fabric so that the piece was comfortable.

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Furthermore, to avoid an extremely tight garment, the responsible team left two or three millimeters of elastic fabric between the seams. Undoubtedly, the designer’s effort was worth it, considering that Scarlett herself admitted that that costume was the most comfortable of all.

3. Ashley Graham

Jordan Foster, Ashley Graham’s stylist, said he sometimes doesn’t find pieces in the model’s size, because the couture brands simply don’t produce them. Therefore, she went in search of a virtual store that always has famous designer clothes perfect for the celebrity. Even during Ashley’s pregnancy, the professional managed to get clothes that made the client look beautiful, highlighting her belly.

In certain cases, it can be cumbersome and discouraging to have so much trouble getting designer clothes in all sizes. For that reason, Jordan is very grateful to the stores that offer clothing for all types of silhouettes.

4. Aidy Bryant

Ahead of attending the Emmy Awards, actress Aidy Bryant said she was frustrated that she couldn’t find clothes for real bodies that fit really well. In view of this, the Eloquii brand took a beautiful initiative and offered a personalized dress for the famous to wear at the event.

Aidy said the process of making the outfit was like a dream, and a lot of fun. After all, for plus size celebrities, finding clothes for gala events is not as easy or glamorous as for smaller sized celebrities. The final result of the dress was as Aidy had hoped, without being tight or uncomfortable. On the contrary, the piece fit her like a glove.

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5. Selena Gomez

The bodysuit used by Selena Gomez during her performance at the AMA was inspired by a piece by Yves Saint Laurent. In fact, at first they thought of using the outfit originally worn by the model on the catwalk. However, it was a very delicate piece for a performance by Selena. Therefore, the responsible fashion designer, Kate Young, ordered a customized version so that the singer could move around safely.

6. Brie Larson

The person in charge of the Captain Marvel uniform was Sanja Milkovic. She knew that Brie Larson, the lead, would do everything during filming, from running to jumping. Knowing this, her main goal was for the outfit to be comfortable for the star.

When preparing the superhero look, Sanja and her team focused on Brie’s real body and how she moved. They even made changes several times, given that the actress’s physical form constantly changed in the face of her physical exercise routine.

7. Melissa McCarthy

Designer Judy B. Swartz started working with Melissa McCarthy in 2015. Since then, the professional has made the actress wear bold pieces, as Melissa is beautiful, young and modern. This is something that guarantees security to the actress. For Judy, women should not limit themselves, and this concept plays an important role in the perception of clothes worn mainly by plus size women.

8. Gal Gadot

9. Sophia DiMartino

Being a mom and working on movie sets at the same time can’t be easy. And that’s exactly what happened to Sophia Di Martino, who was breastfeeding while filming scenes in the Loki series. Therefore, Christine Wada, costume designer, had the great idea of ​​adding hidden zippers to the uniform so that the actress could breastfeed without difficulty.

On her personal Instagram, Sophia wrote, “It’s the little (big) things like this that have allowed me to do my job and be a mother at the same time.”

Do you agree with the idea that you have to give up comfort to look beautiful? Are you inspired by the style of a celebrity’s clothes?

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