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40 emotive phrases that will speak straight to your heart

We have so little time to live, I don’t want to miss anything!

To live without getting emotional is to live in half and I like the intensity of being whole.

To move, I need to believe in myself, in my strength and in my victory.

Life is better when we are with the people who make us better.

When the heart speaks louder, even reason obeys.

Time doesn’t stop just because you want to, but if you learn to enjoy it, it passes at the right speed to leave unforgettable marks.

It is absurd to go through life as passengers instead of drivers.

Much better than having, is being. It is better to be friends with someone than to have friends.

The soul finds happiness when it is filled with the best feelings.

A friend is one who understands our gaze and does not ask us to explain what we are feeling.

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