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60 crazy phrases to live life outside the curve and be happy

My ideas are too crazy to be said so easily.

They say that fear lives next to crazy ideas. But I face my abysses, and I want to live my madness!

Kathlen Heloise Pfiffer

How can I expect my friends to understand the crazy things that go through my head when I don’t understand myself?

Salvador Dali

Crazy people may not live long, but they live exactly the way they want to.

All people are crazier than they tell us, and almost all are less crazy than they seem.

Alexandre Dahmer

In the crazy attempts of this life, we sometimes renounce what we are, hoping for what we can be one day.

We are not crazy. We just don’t follow society’s line of reasoning.

Life is very crazy, maybe you can never understand the real meaning of it, but one thing I say: my scars will not be in vain.

That enemy who calls you crazy, know that deep down she dreams of having your courage.

Life is cool, death is crazy.

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